Jaspy you’re 9 months old!

Well Jaspy, as my good friend Rom from Beauty Bump and Me put it so nicely, you’ve had 9 months in and 9 months out!

How crazy to think that you’ve been out in the world for as long as you grew in my belly … and thank God it wasn’t any longer, I was getting rather fed up!

Well you’re as gorgeous as always so let’s get started!


You’re back in your travel cot and in mummy and daddies bedroom again. With you waking up 2-5 times a night we just find it easier to keep you with us! You have gotten better though, last night you woke twice and the night before only once – well done little man!

You also sleep twice in the day, the first time a little nap in the morning and then usually a longer nap in the afternoon. You definitely need these or you become a mega grump!


Well you have become quite the hungry baby. You’re no longer fussy and now wolf down most things! You have a huge bowl of porridge for breakfast with toast and then throughout the day graze on cheese, salmon, ham, crisps and fruit. In the evenings you usually have another meal of pureed veg and meat followed by another bowl of porridge – you’re like a baby bear!

You also drink lots of milk now, around 20 ounces of formula and around 6 of cows milk. I definitely think this is why you’ve suddenly started sleeping better and I’m not complaining!


You now climb up stairs and know not to go back down them – a small miracle! You also pull yourself up to standing and now do this at any opportunity! You’ve also started holding your own bottle which is really cute and helpful! Ooh and your top tooth has come through!


Hmm what new things do you like? Anything you can get your hands on really! You love playing peekaboo and chasing us around the floor. You’re a huge fan of tickles and us eating your toes! Bath time is probably your favourite time of the day and as you now stand by yourself you really love playing with your doctors surgery toy! You love your smart trike and train walker. You also love brushing your teeth with your flashy toothbrush from Nanny!


Of course you don’t like being left alone unless your distracted. You’re not a fan of being put in your cot unless you’re tired enough to sleep.

What we particularly love

Your cute little wave, it’s kind of like a clap with one hand and is never at he right time but oh is it precious!

Your hair is crazy. It’s a mix between a bird and an 80’s popstar! It’s so super fluffy and I love experimenting with ponytails, blowdrys and comb overs!

Your smile. You could smile for England. People always comment on how happy a baby you are and it makes me so proud.


You’ve had a really good month! Apart from a sore bum you’ve been really healthy. No tonsillitis or colds *touch wood*. Hopefully the nice weather will kick in and we can keep this up.

What we’ve been up to

Your first Christmas

Your first New Years Eve

Aunty Livies babyshower

Lots of walks


Picking out mummies wedding flowers

Back to Waterbabies


We’re so close to the big numero uno so please let mummy savour these little baby moments Jaspy,

Lots of love,

Mummy and Daddy xx

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