Jaspy – you’re 6 months old!

Wow wow wow, 6 months – 6! That’s half a year old. That’s half of a 1 year old! Although every month goes by way too quickly this one has seemed to hit me with slightly more of a bang! You’ve grown so much; you’re learning so much and I was even asked if you and Rhys were twins today – you must be a chunk!


Size – You’ve gotten even larger! I had you weighed at the doctors a couple of weeks ago and you were 16 lbs. I forgot my red book so I’m not sure if thats on track but I’m not worried.  A mother just knows. I know you’re healthy and happy. you’re getting chunkier by the day but not at an alarming rate.

You wear size 3-6 and even have some 6-9 months clothing now! I think you fit in a few of your 0-3’s too – every shop is so different!

Daddy said today he noticed that your soft spot is getting smaller on your head and I’ve noticed that when you sit on my lap I don’t need to lean down to kiss your head anymore!


Sleep. Whatever routine or pattern we got you in has now gone. Last night you went to sleep at 8pm, woke at 10;30pm, 2am, 5am and then were up from 7am. It’s safe to say I’m a sleepy bear! Other nights you don’t wake so much, maybe once or twice but you’re definitely unsettled. I tried to cut out your night feeds by giving you just water but I think that made it worse? You do sleep in the day which is great and hopefully you’ll go back to sleeping for longer at night. I think it’s a combination of your teething, developmental leap and weaning – whatever the reason let’s try to sort it out yea?


Feeding – Wahoo we have started weaning. You have 4 bottles a day, usually at 8am, 12 midday, 4pm and 7:30pm. I then give you a dream feed around 11pm (or earlier if you wake first) and then you sometimes have more formula during the night.

You also have 3 meals a day. These usually consist of rice milk for breakfast, some kind of vegetable at lunch and dinner followed by fruit. Your favourite at the moment is pear, you could live off it!


Milestones – Ooh these things take me by surprise they really do! Ok let’s see; you roll! You’ve rolled over before but you tended to get a bit stuck. Now though, you roll and roll and roll until you’re on the other side of the room!

You also crawled last night. It was an odd kind of caterpillar crawl where you used your head to drag your body but lets face it – it was a crawl!

You cut your first tooth and my have we been waiting for it! It’s a sharp little bugger and you’ve already starting biting down on things again so I’m sure toothipeg number 2 is on his way!

You walk and moonwalk when I hold your hands. I have to remind myself that you can’t actually walk unaided yet otherwise I think I might let go of your hands!

You reach for people when you want to be picked up or grab at their necklaces and tops.

You started sitting last month but you do it for a lot longer now.

Daddy just pointed this one out. You show emotions to certain people. For example when you cry with muma you stop and smile for dada. You smile and laugh at Rhys. You recognise your grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins and greet them with beaming smiles (ok you smile at everyone but this smile, this smile is different!).


The special little things that I love:

You hold my neck when I hug you. It’s such a tiny gesture but it really makes my heart melt!

Your super duper boy band hair do – my dad said to my mum the other day ‘I love how they do his hair’ haha I wish I could be that creative!

You nuzzle into my neck when you’re extra happy or sleepy.

When you wake up in the morning you blow raspberries and talk to yourself.

You kick your legs like some kind of river/cricket dance!


The things that you love:

Iggle piggle. I don’t know what it is about that blue blobby looking character but he makes you get so excited!

TV – it still mesmerises you whenever it’s on – even if it’s Jezza K!

Mummy and Daddy being silly – You get so excited when we make silly noises and dance for you!

Other people being really happy – You really perk up when we smile and laugh with you!


The things that you don’t quite love

When people cry or when we play fight with Rhys – you get all overprotective of whoever is being bundled!

Being put down – my poor arms

Carrot – You actually say ‘yuck’, poke your tongue out and let it fall out of your mouth!

Being tamed – when you are irritable there is no containing you! You kick, you grab you buck *cue ‘Ive created a monster” scream* .


What we’ve been up to:

Lot’s of walks to see the horses

Jiggy wrigglers baby class

Baby disco

Mummy baby group

Play dates with new friends

Playing in jelly at baby group

IMG_3274 IMG_3267 kneeling

Well Mr mopsy, what a wonderful 6th month it has been. Who knows what the next month will bring – walking perhaps … talking maybe? Ooh it’s so incredibly amazing and yet makes me want to just slow time down.

Love you little man xx


  • alongcamejay
    18th October 2014 at 9:02 pm Reply

    What a team! he’s a healthy happy chap with an incredibly cute birthmark too 🙂 x

    • Jessica
      31st October 2014 at 8:39 pm Reply

      Aww thanks so much lovely! xx

  • Jenna
    18th October 2014 at 9:44 pm Reply

    He’s soooooo cute. Jasmine’s favourite is pear too – she cannot get enough of it! I love Jaspy’s hair. xx

    • Jessica
      31st October 2014 at 8:40 pm Reply

      He now loves peach too! Hows Jasmines weaning journey going? Haha thanks, people think we style it but its au natural!

  • Dianne
    19th October 2014 at 8:40 am Reply

    Its amazing what he has packed in to 6 months. He really is the most incredible, chunky little treasure 🙂 x

    • Jessica
      31st October 2014 at 8:41 pm Reply

      Aww thanks so much Muma! He is such a perfect boy! x

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