Jaspy You’re 11 months old

Ooh my, you’re 11 months old kid. This month (yes I’m late at writing this again) you’ll be 1 and that is rather scary! We’ve noticed massive leaps in your development this month and have lots to tell so lets get started!



Your sleep is really getting there. You’re not sleeping through the night yet but you are going most nights from 8-8 without a feed. You do have the odd dream feed but lately you’ve not been interested at all. You’ve started to self settle a lot better and often in the night all you need is a quick back rub to get you back off.

Nap wise I’ve stop limiting your morning nap and just let you sleep as long as you need to. This goes against what the experts have said but lets face it, you weren’t listening to them either were you?

You then have another small nap in the afternoon which I think is why you’re then sleeping better at night, because your slightly more tired for bedtime.



Wow do you love your food or what!? You have a whole banana and weetabix for breakfast and two full meals for lunch and dinner usually consisting of a jar of some sort, picky bits like toast or a sandwich, and either jelly or a yoghurt. You then have snacks between of crisps, biscuits, fruit or veggie sticks and have really gotten into drinking water from your new sippy cup!



Your down to three bottles of 7oz a day now, morning, noon and night. You then have around 4oz if you have a dream feed but sometimes you miss this out. I’ve been told to drop your milk intake to 12oz when you’re one which I don’t quite know how we’ll manage but we shall see!



I swear everyday you amaze me with something new buddy.

  • You say ‘ta’ when I give you something
  • You put your hands up and say ‘yay’ when we play games
  • You know how to put your toy balls down the race track and animals down the mini slide
  • You put small objects into pots, take them out and move them around
  • You give kisses now
  • When I get you dressed you help to push your hand through the sleeve
  • You concentrate on watching games, television etc
  • You climb all the way upstairs (supervised of course) and then climb down backwards
  • You feed yourself with your tippy cup
  • You try to turn the pages of books
  • You entertain yourself for so long now
  • You drop things out of your cot and from your highchair
  • You climb out of highchairs that only have lap belts ( not a fab milestone but still)
  • You copy so many noises, facial expressions and actions that we do for you



Granddad – You have such a bond with Granddad and light up as soon as you hear his voice

Going in the car – Finally you don’t kick off whenever we go out in the car. You actually enjoy it and occupy yourself for ages pulling your socks off!

Bath time – Still a firm favourite. You now stand up though and try to grab the taps

Slides and swings

Wind – You really love it when the wind swooshes through your hair. It takes your breathe away and really makes you grin

Emptying cupboards



Having your nappy changed

Getting dressed and undressed


What we’ve been up to

Moved out of the barn and into Grandma and Granddads house

Lots of babydates

Mummy and Baby Spin Class

Your first wagamamas

Trip to Lee-On-Solent beach



You’ve been a tad in the wars this month with a really nasty case of dermatitis. You had a very dry patch that blistered and then you had a reaction to the plaster and ended with a huge sore on your back. You’ve been such a trouper though; it doesn’t bother you at all and you don’t even flinch when I change your dressing. You’re on antibiotics now and have a new cream that’ll hopefully make you all better!

Eek I cannot believe the next update I’ll be doing you’ll be 1!! I’m so so excited to see what joy you’ll bring us next but at the same time so sad that my mini bambino is growing up so quickly. I guess it’s a bittersweet kind of deal really, wishing the time away and then wishing it back straight away!

Love you lots Rabbit,

Muma x


  • Hannah Budding Smiles
    2nd April 2015 at 5:44 am Reply

    Such a beautiful update lovely, Jasper is a gorgeous little dude xx

    • Jessica
      2nd April 2015 at 10:49 am Reply

      Thanks so much lovely 🙂

  • emilyandindiana
    2nd April 2015 at 7:45 am Reply

    I can’t believe he’s almost 1, where has this year gone! I wouldn’t worry about the milk- indiana still has 2 8oz bottles of cows milk a day, there’s no need to lower it xx

    • Jessica
      2nd April 2015 at 10:48 am Reply

      I know it’s crazy isn’t it!? and soon you’ll have two!!
      Ahh thats good to know because I really don’t think he’ll be able to drop that much! xx

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