Jaspy loves … Mumas singing!

This week we have discovered Jaspy’s latest love … Mumas singing! It doesn’t matter what I sing, In fact sometimes I just make a noise like the seagull from The Little Mermaid and he be’s away at me!

Anyway, his favourite so far are those with actions as he gets mesmerised by watching my hands. Here are his current faves:

*5 little ducks
*Tiny Tim
*The incy windy spider
*Row row row the boat
*Diddle diddle dumpling
*This little piggy
*Pat a cake

He even gives me his tootsies ready for the piggy song!
He also loves a variety of old school RnB, for example:

*R Kelly – Ignition
*B2K – Bump bump bump
*Mario – Just a friend

Before you raise your eyebrow at me and get ready to #badmum I do replace swear words for baby friendly ones for example “Shake ya rattle, watch yourself, shake ya rattle” haha

What songs so your babies love? I’d love some new ones to try with Jaspy!

Thanks for reading ☺️

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