Jaspy Loves Baby Sensory

On our last day at Bluestone we headed to Baby Sensory class. We’d only been to one class before which was Heartbeeps held at kiddicare. It was by far my favourite class ever and I was so sad when they closed down; we moved out of the area and the instructor left to give birth (how dare she haha).

Jaspy absolutely loved looking at the lights, watching the instructor singing and signing, and feeling all of the cool materials. I then bought him a few sensory items at home which I’ll blog about at a later date; but I’d been looking to get him to a class again.

Well this has given me the push I needed to do just that! We’d heard really great things about it from other mummy bloggers and it really lived up to expectations. The same lady from messy play ran it and she was just so knowledgeable and friendly. Jaspy was mesmerised by her and spent most of the time staring at her or trying to steal her demo toys!

The class started with sing and sign which I think is such a fab thing to do with babies. I want Jaspy to be able to sign not only for his development but also so that he can communicate with those that sign. Surprisingly he sat really still and watched, although he was more intent on watching the instructor than me.

We then looked at black and white images, played peekaboo with Teletubbies and floaty chiffon scarfs. Jaspy didn’t seem fussed by the Teletubbies (luckily as I hate them) but he liked me putting the scarf over his head and popping it off to say hello!

The babies then got free reign of the place. There were loads of musical toys; an air bed, walkers, a bouncy horse … it was fab! As there were only 3 babies in the class they had so much to play with … but of course Isla and Jaspy wanted the same things most of the time; they’re such little pickles!


Sensory play was a lovely way to end our trip (I was going to say day but that would have been too cliche). I’m really excited to get home and make Jaspy a little sensory basket!

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