Jaspy, Go the F*** to sleep!

In the wise words of Morgan Freeman; Jasper, go the f*** to sleep! If you haven’t watched his story time on youtube then you probably think I’m a terrible mum; but watch it …. if you have a child that doesn’t sleep it’ll be like music to your ears!

Jaspy doesn’t sleep. Well he does; he sleeps a lot but it’s not solid, good sleep. He goes to bed anytime between 6:30pm and 8:30pm. Yes I know routines are so important but with Jaspy that word doesn’t exist. One day at 7pm he could be exhausted and the next wide awake. Yes I’ve tried just putting him in his cot but he’s not one to eventually go off; he gets worked up to the max and cries till he gags – it’s awful and not something I want to put him or myself through.

He could then have a great night; only waking once for a quick cuddle or he could wake 5-6 times for feeds. Occasionally he’ll have one feed and then be wide awake for an hour and on one night he even slept from 9pm – 5:45am … one night!

I was really focusing on the night time, so much so that I ended up forgetting about the day. I wouldn’t bother with times of meals or sleeps in the days because all I was concerned about was how much he slept or how much he ate. Then my best friend told me to shift my focus to the day time; concentrate on getting a day time routine an the rest will fall into place. Of course it hasn’t worked straight away but one thing it has really done is helped my mind set.

I can’t control his middle of the night ‘routine’ but I can control it during the day. I can make sure to schedule his feeds and naps .. whether or not he’ll have them is another story entirely!

With the best intentions in mind, here is our rough schedule:

7am 7oz bottle

8am breakfast

9am -9:45 nap

11am 7oz bottle

12 lunch

1-3pm nap

3:30pm 7oz bottle

5pm dinner

6pm bath and massage

6:45pm supper

7pm 7oz bottle, book and bed

This is the plan but every day varies so much. As strict as I try to be if he’s not tired he’s just not tired. More often than not Jaspy is either teething, has a sore bum or tonsillitis so it is really is tricky to get his day time routine sorted. He’s such a hyper baby full of energy which is amazing but down time is non existent. He’s gone off cuddling and watching T.V and if I try to read him a book o relax him he just grabs it and throws it!

Tips, advice and help are so so so welcome! I’ve emailed the Blissful Baby Expert who will hopefully be able to get to the bottom of things!


Thanks for reading,

~ Tired J~


  • Josslyn
    21st February 2015 at 2:37 pm Reply

    I’m going through the same thing with my 6 month old and it’s comforting to know other mums feel my pain. My question to you is…how do you function everyday and still manage to look fabulous? I’m 24 and don’t want to succumb to the mom bun look everyday 🙁 My guy has never slept through the night, but in month 3 was doing 6 hour stretches. Wish I had never gotten a taste of that!

    • Jessica
      24th February 2015 at 7:44 pm Reply

      Ahh getting a taste for 6 hour stretches is so bittersweet! I wish Jaspy could do those stretches of sleep but in the same way I’m glad he couldn’t before or I’d be so frustrated. Aww thank you so much hun; I honestly don’t, I constantly have eye bags. I think I just make the most of good lighting when I take selfies haha Oh and lippy, wearing lippy always makes me feel like I look semi decent!

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