Jaspy – 20 facts about me

Inspired by the latest tag going around social media, here are 20 facts about Jasper!

1- I love my jumperoo and door swing
2- mummy and daddy call me Jared because I have a buzz cut hair style
3- I have a birthmark on my face that looks like a sideways ‘R’ or ‘JJ’
4- I’ve been on an aeroplane
5- I don’t sleep through the night yet
6- I can sit up (sometimes)
7- I have very long lovely eyelashes ( mummy’s very jealous)
8- I like tv perhaps a bit too much
9- I always have clammy feet
10- I can open my eyes underwater
11- I don’t like tummy time
12- my room is woodland themed
13- my other nickname is Rabbit due to a funny scan picture!
14- my big brother Rhys brings me toys and my bottle when I’m sad
15- mummy takes me for walks by the river
16- I look just like my daddy
17- I drink anything from 3-7 ounces of formula per feed
18- I have massages before bed every night
19- I stayed at grandma and granddads last week
20- my aunty Heidi lives in Sweden!

You can check out my big brothers facts here
Thanks for reading! Xxx

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