Jasper’s Skin Update

Hello lovelies! It’s been a while since my last post about Jaspers skin and I have so much to update you all on. I got loads of fab advice and so many of you shared your experiences that I feel quite bad for not updating you all sooner … sorry!!

After trying all of the creams advised, things didn’t seem to get any better. I felt like I was overloading his skin with so many different lotions and it just didn’t seem like the right route to be taking. I popped into the pharmacy and spoke to a lovely pharmacist that straight away said it looked more like an allergic reaction. He told me to stop all of the new creams and ointments as they may be prolonging the problem and to just go back to basics using only the Oilatum in the bath to soothe the skin as well as the Piriton at night to relieve the symptoms. He said it would take a while and it would hopefully go … unfortunately it didn’t but I did feel better about using less on his skin.

We then saw the doctor who told us to try the hydrocortisone steroid cream again twice a day as well as Dermol in the bath instead of Oilatum. We saw the HV in the same week who told us to do just that but to also moisturise hourly throughout the day. She told us to be cautious with the Hydrocortisone and use very small amounts but when we had an emergency doctors appointment due to Jaspy having an odd rash on his back (turned out to be nothing) we saw my family doctor who told me to smother him in it!

He was really great actually and told me that the low strength of the Hydrocortisone meant I could cover him in it for years (not that I’d want to) and it would never really cause an issue. He told me to stop with all the other advice, to stop waiting weeks for things to work and that he would see me a few days later, along with pictures of Jaspers skin throughout the stages and then he’d refer us to a dermatologist if it wasn’t better.

Thankfully when we went back his skin was amazingly better; still dry in patches but not a touch on what it was before. He was happy for us to continue like that, lots of hydrocortisone, weaning off it after a couple of weeks and then moisturising and if it worsened again we’d be referred.

We then saw the HV who was also so pleased with his progressed that she signed us off and said to just continue with the moisturiser once we’d weaned him off the steroid cream.

The sucky thing is that now he’s weaned off the Hydrocortisone completely his skin has gotten really bad again. It’s as bad as it was in its worst state. I really don’t want to go back to using the steroid cream regardless of what the doctor said. I want Jaspy’s skin to have as little on it as possible so I’m still on the hunt for something natural to help him out.

I’ve been recommended aloe vera which I’ll buy tomorrow and I’m also going to cut out dairy for a few days to see if that makes any difference. I really think it’s something more than just typical eczema; there’s something in his system that’s causing this but now is the tricky stage of finding out what! Dairy has been suggested a lot to me so this is my first thing to cut out; I’ll give him almond milk and coconut milk and cut out his yoghurts and cheese just for a while to see how it goes.

Again mumas, if you have any advice then I’d love to hear it. He’s started itching around his neck again and I want to see if I can get this under control before going back to the HV and doctor, and before it messes up his new found love for sleeping through the night!


Thanks for reading!



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