Jasper’s night time routine

Before I start I will say that this isn’t rigid, some nights we miss out steps and others we add in some last minute improvisations; but this is what I’m aiming for most nights with Jaspers night time routine:

8pm – Winding down time: he usually has a feed around 7pm so I know I can go through his routine while he’s relatively chilled out and happy. Winding down time means lights dimmed and no more sensory play. We do keep the TV on as I really want him to be able to sleep through background noise and not be too much of a light sleeper.

8:30pm – Bath time: while running his bath I get his pjs ready and make sure his moses basket is ready and waiting with Ewan the sheep. For his evening bath I use lavender scented bath wash to help relax him and I keep the bathroom light off with the hallway lights on so it’s not too bright for him.

photo 3-68

Relaxation time: After a bath I cuddle him for a good few minutes till he’s dry to make sure he doesn’t get cold and unsettled.

I then pop his nappy on and depending on how relaxed he is, I give him a baby massage. If he’s too unsettled I’ll usually go straight to the next step…
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Getting dressed. Depending on the weather I put him in his night time clothes. Recently it’s been just a vest but on cooler nights he’ll also have a sleepsuit.

10pm feed: his last feed before his biggest sleep tends to be around 10pm so I try to make it a big one. If I’m ready for bed then I feed him in my bed but if not it’s in the nursing chair in his nursery.

9 times out of 10 he’ll fall asleep when he’s done so I’ll pop him straight in his moses basket which goes in the swinging crib next to our bed, or if we’re not in bed yet I’ll put it in his cot in his nursery and just transfer it when we go up.

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5pm – The morning feed: His next feed isn’t usually until 4,5 or 6 (this hasn’t been completely set yet) so if he wakes in the night he usually just needs his dummy popped in. Once he wakes for his morning feed he then gets into bed with us as he’s usually quite awake and I’m usually not! He then falls back asleep until about 9 when we start our morning routine!

Like I said this really does vary. We don’t bath him every night. Sometimes after a bath he’s ready for a feed straight away. Some nights he’ll fall asleep downstairs after his 7pm feed and I’ll put him straight into his moses basket until he wakes again.

I’d like his 10pm feed to be a little earlier but as long as he’s sleeping(ish) till 4, 6 at a push then I know we’re heading in the right direction 🙂

Here’s to a sleepy baby!

Thanks for reading xxx


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