2 bumps and a baby – Jasper’s first trip to the beach

How amazing is this beautiful weather that we’ve been having!? We’ve spent lots of time going for walks and having picnics down by the river (post to come) but for some reason I hadn’t even thought about taking Jaspy to the beach! (Probably due to my hatred of sand – that stuff gets everywhere!)

Well yesterday my lovely and newly preggo friend Liv asked us if we’d like to join her and her about to pop preggy friend Becca on a trip to Hayling beach, a Stoney beach … I was sold!

Jaspy did struggle with the heat so I was really grateful for Becca bringing an umbrella for him to snooze under, plus there was a lovely breeze by the water. 20140725-103947-38387766.jpg20140725-103947-38387580.jpg


The water was pretty chilly but as he’d handled the cold water so well on holiday I thought I’d give it a go and let him dip his toes in! Liv was brave and full on swam in the sea – pregnancy does crazy things to you! Haha



He did scream at first, shock of the cold, but after that he was bouncing around, waving his arms and making lots of excited noises!




Me and Liv took Jaspy down a little further so that he could watch the wateroving and he was mesmerised!



Jaspy had a really wonderful time at the beach and it was so amazing to see him experiencing something so new. We’ll definitely be going to the beach as a family before this weather buggers off which, let’s be honest, will be any day now!

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