Jasper’s first holiday – Lanzarote!

Ok this is unbelievably late and has been in my drafts for ages so here it is … Jaspers first holibobs!

Last month we took Jasper on his first ever holiday, not surprising that it was his first as he’d only just turned 10 weeks old!

It was much needed on mine and Petes side; we celebrated our 1 year anniversary while we were there and it had really been a hectic year – baby, house, moving country, engagement … Safe to say we needed a break!

We decided on Lanzarote as it was only a 4 hour flight and the weather was similar to how it has been in the UK but with a cool breeze – perfect for Jasper!

What made it really special was that we were joined by my parents. They absolutely adore Jasper and were thrilled to spend the time with him. It was also great to see Pete and my dad get to know each other more and for me to have some quality Muma time 🙂IMG_2692IMG_2304

The holiday was all inclusive, a fab resort called the H10 Rubicon palace. We honestly couldn’t fault it; 5 adult pools, 3 kiddie pools, 5 restaurants – a mixture of buffet and ala carte. There was a mini golf course, piano bar, sports bar, disco and themed entertainment like wine tasting and salsa dancing!

To celebrate our anniversary we booked in for full body holistic massages with reflexology – heaven! We also got to use the sea water circuit spa as Pete had joined the members club and it was a mixture of sauna, steam, relaxation rooms as well as an ice plunge pool, relaxation pools, pebble walks, jacuzzi and different pressure fountains.

Jasper had an awesome time, he grew so much in just 5 days! He turned 10 weeks and we saw so many milestones it was great!
He discovered his tongue as well as his hands and feet.
His face recognition improved so much and he LOVED chatting away – to my dad especially!IMG_2598 1IMG_2500 1 IMG_2701 1

While we were there he started having a lot more formula milk and less breast milk. I was apprehensive about it but it really worked out for the better. He got himself into a lovely routine, slept well and most importantly he felt heavier. He even grew longer – all that all inclusive milk I’d say! (His poop no longer smells like biscuits like it did before, but thats a small price to pay for a growing boy!)

I did have some reservations about how he’d cope with the flight and the heat but even random strangers commented on how good he was. On the flight over he slept, he got a little restless but loved being walked around the plane and getting attention from the passengers and staff!

The heat wasn’t a problem, he kept cool in light clothing and with a fan on his buggy. There was plenty of shade and we resided under a big tree for most of the days.

Another great thing about Lanzarote is that the time zone is the same as the UK so we didn’t have to worry about jetlag. As soon as we got back he continued with a great sleeping pattern and thankfully (fingers crossed) it’s still going strong!

On the way home he slept until landing when he fed. The only hiccup was when driving home at 4am when he would NOT STOP crying and we had to pull over so I could feed him, everyone was pretty tired and fed up by then!

All in all it was an amazing first holiday. It was a shame that Rhys couldn’t come but it really was lovely to be able to relax while Jasper was having his long naps. We’d definitely go away with my parents again too, we all got on so well together (not that I doubted we would but sometimes going in larger groups can be a bit hectic) and they really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with the little man 🙂

IMG_2663 IMG_2642

I’d definitely recommend Lanzarote as a first holiday for a bambino. The flight time is short, the weather is cool and if you stay where we did the facilities were just fantastic!

IMG_2724IMG_2534 1 IMG_2299

Do you know what one of the best things about this holiday was? I l accidentally left my phone in the car at the airport. I did spend a lot of the holiday worrying whether or not I’d dropped it in the airport or left it on the plane; but it was so lovely to have 5 days of no Facebook, no instagram, no twitter and no blogging! (no offence bloggers)

Thanks for reading!



  • Dianne
    12th July 2014 at 3:24 pm Reply

    It really was a perfect holiday…especially being able to spend quality time with Jasper x

    • Jessica
      16th July 2014 at 7:22 pm Reply

      It was wasn’t it!? Perfect and he loved spending it with Grandma and Granddad

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