Jasper’s 6 week health check

Today we had our 6 week health check. The only thing that I expected from this appointment when they booked it what seemed like years ago, was that they were going to double check that both of Jasper’s testicles had dropped and that I’d be having an internal examination.

I don’t know where I got the idea of me having that, I didn’t have to have it and everyone I speak to says they never had it either … but anyway – I’m glad I didn’t have to!

The doctor asked about my mood which hasn’t been great. I’ve been quite mood swingy and have let small things bother me more than usual which I seem to take out on Pete; BUT the doctor said it’s completely normal.

Of course there’s the range of hormones but he also pointed out that my life will never be the same. I now have this tiny person to think about 24/7 and it’s impossible to consider someone else as much as I used to.

I’m aware of my mood swings though so hopefully I’ll be a bit more considerate and a bit nicer to everyone lol

Physically I’m fine, breastfeeding is SOO much better. I didn’t have a stitches and I’m working on my posture so that my back doesn’t ache as much.

We also discussed contraception as another baby is the last thing on our minds at the moment; so I’ll be thinking about those over the next few days.

The little man
I had a few questions which the doctor cleared up for me, the same doctor in fact that thought Jasper was a girl when we went to have his belly button checked lol

The white on his tongue I suspected to be thrush is just milk, the thing to look out for is if the roof of his mouth and cheeks are white or spotty.

His fussiness and changes in routine are because he’s so knew – everything is knew to him so when he cries at 3am it’s not a behavioural thing it’s purely because he’s never woken at 3am nor known what to do. I knew this but I think having the doctor say it made me kind of re-realise.

The red mark on his left cheek is either a birthmark or where he’s scratched himself and burst blood vessels. Either way it should go over time.

The doctor then did his routine checks and I can’t remember everything but here are some points that stood out:

Belly button – he has a hernia which should go by itself by the time he’s 1.

Height – he’s tall! Not crazy tall, and I guess you wouldn’t really say tall but more long at this stage? But anyway, he’ll be like his daddy!

Eyesight and hearing – he focuses well and reacted to the doctor clapping closely to him. I had no doubts with his hearing as he’s quite a light sleeper when you first put him to bed.

Strength – the doctor was surprised at his leg strength when checking his hips (which were all fine) so I promptly shower him how Jasper can stand and made sure to mention he was holding his head up on day 3 – what I’m a proud Muma!

Weight – he hasn’t lost weight but he’s dropped slightly on his growth track. I need to have him weighed in two weeks to check his progress but I suspect it’s where he’s been fussy on the boob and I’ve not persisted to keep him on it each time.

Skin – his head is quite dry so he prescribed Jasper some cream for me to apply overnight and then instructed me to pick off the dead skin in the morning. This really surprised me as it goes against what I’ve been told which is never to pick at their skin ( even though I do when it’s already hanging off) but he then said that when midwifes recommend you use olive oil it’s wrong because if actually promotes fungus growth – gross!

All in all it was really positive! I felt that I got to ask all of the questions I needed to and that he answered everything to my satisfaction. I feel really content with Jasper’s health and development as well as my recovery and well being. Great teamwork little squish!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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