Jasper you’re 2 months old!

Jasper how are you 2 months old already? The time is zooming by and sometimes I stop and realise how much you’ve changed already!

photo 4-53

Sizeย – Well it’s official, you’re going to be tall like your daddy! Many people have called you long and when the doctor said it at your 6 week check it made me realise that you really must be!

You’re putting on weight but you’ve dropped on the scale slightly. You haven’t been weighed for 2 weeks so hopefully at your weigh in tomorrow you’ll have put on a bit more.



  • You’re holding your head so steadily now. The odd time your head will flop forward but for the most part, you hold it up and even turn it side to side!photo 2-88
  • I’m so sure you’ll be rolling over soon! When I lay you down you arch your back and twist to the side so much hat it’d only take a few inches to be on your tummy!
  • You grasp objects. When you lay on your activity mat you hold onto one of the rings and make in jingle!
  • Your eye contact is really focused now, I love looking at your and realising you’ve been staring at me for a while!
  • Did I hear a laugh? It may be too early but I was so certain that I heard you giggle the other day! Your making lots more noises and it sounds like you say ‘nana’ already!
  • You smile much more frequently. Sometimes I don’t even need to do anything to be faced with a big gummy grin!
  • You self soothe! I can now leave you to your own devices for little stints of time and you find lots of enjoyment in your cuddly toys, bouncy chair and swinging chair!

photo 1-89

Sleeping – You’ve done a couple of 6 hour stretches in the night and mummy got so excited to think you’d started a new routine โ€ฆ oh how wrong I was! Sometimes you wake every hour and a half, sometimes you’ll go 4-5 hours.

We’ve found some things to help you sleep:

1- Ewan the dream sheep

2 – Swaddle Pod

You don’t really have a routine yet although I have attempted bath, boob, bed the last few nights. It seems to depend on how much you sleep in the day, the temperature in the room.

We gave you a dummy last night and instead of going on the boob when you woke up I gave you your dummy and you settled quicker. You haven’t needed it at all during the day so maybe it’ll be a nighttime treat.

photo 1-90

Feeding – You had your tongue tie corrected this month. Since then you latch on better and it doesn’t hurt mummy anymore. You do still get quite fussy but I’m hoping that now we’ve introduced a dummy you’ll only go on the boob when you’re actually hungry – instead of comfort sucking like I suspected!


Mannerisms –ย or should I say Jasperisms?

  • You are a real scratcher! I’ve had to put mittens on you lately as you keep scratching your poor little face!
  • You’ve learnt to pout! Sometimes I think you’re about to cry and then your face changes and I get a lovely smile!
  • When you focus you go a little bit crossed eyed as if your looking at the end of your nose! You also make your mouth go into an ‘o’ shape while you do it!

My favourite things about you:

  • Your little double chin. We thought it may go as you got bigger but it’s still going strong ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Your teeny hands and how they hold my top while you feed
  • Your bright eyes that just go so huge when you’re alert
  • How you love to be in our bed in the morning for cuddles!

photo 2-87

Likesย – Here are some of your favourite things:

  • Your new Taggies swinging chair. It came just in time as your old one broke. I still pop you in your old one while I’m in the bath or shower so I can see you.
  • Your bouncy chair. This is a bit hit and miss but most of the time you enjoy it.
  • The wind. If you won’t settle I walk outside with you and the breeze soothes you instantly!
  • Tigger – you have a stuffed Tigger toy that you like to stare at.


Dislikesย – oh no, the things that make you a Mr Grump!

  • Wearing a hat – you always cry until it’s off you!
  • Having a blanket on you – You’ll wriggle your way out of any blanket apart from your Swaddle Pod which is zipped up!
  • Being cold – getting you dressed and bathing you can prove tricky. I have to have blankets at the ready so that you stay warm ๐Ÿ™‚


Healthย –

  • You had your tongue tie corrected this month. You were so brave (more so than mummy!). It was over in a second and makes such a difference on your feeding.
  • Your 6 week health check went so well! No concerns, no worries – a perfect little bundle ๐Ÿ™‚ ย 
  • First set of immunisations – ย You had these today and mummy was a bit of a mess. It was horrible holding you while you had them as you went from calm to upset in a matter of seconds; but then you calmed down equally as quickly!


Here are some of the memorable things that we’ve gotten up to this month:

  • Hartbeeps class
  • Lots of visits
  • Lovely family lunches
  • Started vlogging
  • Some exciting top secret filming in London!

20140526-000139-99857.jpgWhat a wonderful month it’s been Jasper Joo โ€ฆ here’s to month 3!

Love you little dude xxx



  • Catriona Stephen
    12th June 2014 at 12:59 pm Reply

    He’s so cute!! We have those baby milestone cards too, wish we had them since birth though ๐Ÿ™ Jasper sounds pretty similar to my Osian at that age, he would sometimes sleep for 6 hours and we didn’t have much of a routine. I found it hard especially with feeding on demand to have set times for anything else. I can’t believe he’s 2 months already, that’s flown by!! Xx

    • Jessica
      12th June 2014 at 2:51 pm Reply

      We got them at 6 weeks so I missed using the first few ๐Ÿ™ They’re great though, such a good idea! When did Osian get into a routine? xx

  • Dianne
    13th June 2014 at 5:58 am Reply

    He is just the cutest thing ever. x

    • Jessica
      16th June 2014 at 9:05 am Reply

      He says thanks grandma!

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