Jasper’s 18 Month Update

Oh my goodness, 18 months! It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a monthly update for Jasper; every month I’ve had a post in my drafts ready to write and every month I get caught up with other posts and leave it on the back burner. Well instead of doing his 13-18 month updates (yes I think it’s been that long!) I’m just going start a fresh with 18 months and go from here. I won’t be doing them monthly but every so often, I think once they pass one and they’ve started walking the milestons slow down and it’s more about interests, words, characteristics etc and I notice these more long term now … maybe it’s just me and maybe I’m trying to make excuses for my lack of monthly updates! haha

SO here it goes:

Jasper you are 18 months; where has the time gone? We’re in Autumn now, the second one of your life. You’ll be celebrating your second Halloween this weekend and preparation has already begun for your second Christmas – it’s sure to be oh so magical (wow I just teared up).


Facts and figures

Let’s get the facts and figures out of the way first then get onto the fun stuff! I’ll be honest I have no idea how much you weigh or how tall you are. I do know there are no concerns though, you have perfectly chubby cheeks and a little round belly. People sometimes say you’re small so maybe I should take a trip to the HV for a check up but you have so much energy and if I don’t say so myself are super smart!

You love your food (most of the time), you may be having an ‘I don’t want dinner this week’ phase but on the whole you eat everything and a lot of it! A typical day for you would consist of a 7oz bottle of cows milk for breakfast and then either almond butter and avocado on toast or cereal – usually rice crisps or oats. For lunch at home we have snacks foods like sandwiches and wraps but I know at nursery you eat big meals like shepherds pie and pasta – yum! Sometimes you’ll have another 7oz bottle in the afternoon but not always, most of the time you’re happy to go without. For dinner you tend to eat what me and Daddy eat; quinoa and pulled pork, stir fry, pasta bake, jacket potatoes – you’re not fussy at all! Of course you have a sweet tooth like your muma and love a yoghurt or custard pot for dessert.

In-between meals you’ll snack on fruit, biscuits, yoghurts and your all time favourite – smoothies! There’s no worries about your fruit intake bambini!

Sleep wise we’re doing okay. Most nights you’ll sleep for a good 11 hours. It’s usually 8pm-7am but daylight savings has screwed us a little and this week has seen an 8pm-6am and a 7pm-5am sleep! Last night you woke once but just needed a back rub at 9pm and you drifted back off; other than that you tend to sleep through.

During the day you have one big nap of two to three hours anytime between 11am and 3pm, although your recent early rises have meant going down a bit earlier and having a grumpy afternoon.

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.06.43 copy

Things you love

Nursery – you go two mornings a week and it really is one of the bests decisions we’ve made. Of course Muma misses you but you LOVE it there! The ladies love you, you have little friends and you literally push me out of the door when I drop you off. Of course I’m greeted to a huge smile, overwhelming cry and a scramble past the other kids to give me a huge cuddle!

You’ve developed so much since you’ve been there, always amazing me with new words and skills. I love reading your book and speaking to the ladies to find out what you’ve been up to on nursery days. I also love getting email notifications when they’ve added an observation of you. The most recent two melted my heart I just have to share them here:

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.18.24 Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.18.05

Baby gym – On Mondays we do baby gym; you’re so in your element climbing and jumping, rolling and crawling through the equipment. Your favourite part is doing a rollypolly off the beam, oh and getting your smiley face stamp at the end!

Custard club – On Fridays we do Custard club a messy play class with your friend Sienna. As soon as we’re there and you’re stripped down to a vest you love to explore the different trays of gloop and slime. Last weeks was Autumn themed with leaves and twigs, mixed veggies, custard and jelly! You’re more cautious than I expected, just like your cake smash I thought you’d jump on in head first but you take your time to suss out the situation first – a good quality to have!

Being outdoors – You’re an outdoors baby through and through. We get out and about every day and you love exploring fields and forests. If  you’re not running around at a country park or throwing stones in the sea you can certainly be found climbing up the climbing frame and going down the slide backwards!

Family – You’re a family man Jasper. Only recently have you started saying ‘Mama Mama Mama’ but usually it’s ‘Rhys, Dada and Grandad’ all day every day! You love snuggles form Grandma and chasing your big cousins. Trips to see Nanny and Grandad are so much fun too! Every one is greeted with a ‘hiya’ and a huge grin – you really do love your family!

Cars – Oh my goodness, cars, cars, cars. They drive me to distraction because they are EVERYWHERE but my do you love them. Oh and not forgetting planes, trains, tractors and lorries – how could I forget those!?

Dancing – My mini groover, oh how you love to dance! As soon as you hear music whether it be on tv, the radio, form a book or Muma humming to a tune – you put on the moves. You bop about like you’re in a hip hop music video and shrug your shoulder – just the one, till your hearts content!



I’m sure all Muma’s say this but you’re honestly unbelievably clever. Your understanding amazes us all of the time. I’ll ask you to do something, say bring me the nappies or get your shoes and when you nod and wander off I always think aww how cute I bet he brings back a book or something else but no; you understand what I say and sure as hell you bring me the nappies and the shoes. Grandma asked if you wanted to go for a nap yesterday; you nodded, climbed down from the sofa and took yourself up to your cot where you waited to be put in.

When we ask where things are you can point to so many; you know the TV, fridge, slide, swings, cot, car, door, your facial features, family members, different vehicles, books – so many things and you surprise me every day with new objects you know!

Your speech is something else and your vocabulary is growing so so quickly! Here’s an updated list of your words that I can remember: Muma, Dada, Rhys, Granddad, Nana, baby, park, dog, cat, quack quack (duck), moo, woof, please, cheese, yes, no, bot bot (bottle), juice, milk, apple, cheese, nana (banana), spoon, turtle, tortoise, bye bye, hiya, mwah, shh, balloon, bubble,
poo poo, wee wee, head, eyes, nose, mouth (kind of), socks, top, car, choo choo (train), neenaaw (fire engine/ambulance, tractor, plane, book, ball, tickle, downtown (song), Let go (Frozen song), up, down, more.

I’m sure there are so many more I’ll come back and add to as and when I remember but I think that’s pretty good going for 18 months!


Jasperisms – What makes you Jasper

You’re cheeky – oh so cheeky. You love to tickle everyone. You climb on Mummy and Daddy’s backs, you wrestle with Rhys and love to cuddle your friends. You’re temperamental too (what toddler isn’t?), ‘no’ can be your favourite word some days and you’ve been known to stomp your feet, bang your head on the floor and roll about kicking and screaming. You’re so funny, playing peekaboo around the corner and squealing in delight when you see how much you made Muma jump!

You’re so active, you love to jump, run, climb, boy do you climb everywhere; sofa, windowsill, Rhys’s bed, Muma and Dada’s bed – as soon as you hit three we’re enrolling you in rock climbing!

You’re so affectionate and loving; when you’re in a snuggly mood you press your face up against mine so I can feel your chubby cheeks against mine; that or I feel your dribble down my chest! Of course being an independent sole sometimes you don’t want to cuddle and you push me away as quick as I can say ‘pleaseeeeeeeeee’.


Well there we have it my wonderful boy; 18 months and amazing us at every moment. We’re so so proud of you as always and can’t wait to see what surprises you have for us around the corner!

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 11.07.23

Love Muma and Daddy




  • Sarah
    30th October 2015 at 9:23 am Reply

    Oh you’ve just reminded me to write one for Betty. I’ve never blogged an update on her and I regret it so much, it’s such a lovely way to remember how they are.
    Another lovely post!

    • Jessica
      17th November 2015 at 9:19 am Reply

      h definitely do it; I’m awful at keeping up with them but it’s great for when friends ask me when he reached certain milestones – I can never remember otherwise haha

  • Jodie
    30th October 2015 at 1:08 pm Reply

    Oh he’s such a cutie. He’s doing really well and I love that your nursery send you updates. What a helpful little boy you have.

    • Jessica
      17th November 2015 at 9:18 am Reply

      He starts going into the toddler room this week for his settling in sessions so I’m so grateful for the updates – feeling so nervous!

  • Life & Love of Lolly (@LaurenAVarley)
    30th October 2015 at 6:10 pm Reply

    Wow I can’t believe he can say all those words, such a clever boy. Joey can only say Mama, Dadda and babba (sometimes).

    • Jessica
      17th November 2015 at 9:18 am Reply

      It definitely happened overnight with Jasper, he just suddenly spoke so much more. I guess it comes in leaps and bounds

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