Jasper you’re 3 months old!

I think that this has been the biggest month so far in every aspect. Jasper, you’ve grown so much physically, mentally, emotionally and just as a little person! You’re 3 months old and here’s what you’ve been up to: 

photo 4-66


You are super long. You no longer fit into your newborn and first size sleep suits; but you have ‘snake hips’a s my mum calls them. Basically, you’re slim, so you’re still wearing newborn and first size tops and trousers (if they can pass as cut offs and not ankle swingers!). You’re in 0-3 months sleep suits although in this weather  you’ve lived in vests.

You do have some 3-6 month clothes but they are too big for you so they’ll have to wait!

Weight wise you’re putting it on nicely – due to the formula definitely!


There have been SO many milestones this month that it really has fascinated me! I’ll probably forget some but here it goes:

  • You’ve discovered your tongue
  • You’ve discovered your hands
  • You Laughed! – Oh my goodness that beautiful definite laugh!
  • You sit up in your bumbo chair
  • You roll over from your front to your back (with a little help)
  • Your face and voice recognition has grown to extended family and friends
  • You grasp at things so much more now and half the time actually catch them!
  • You stay upright in your door swing
  • There’s no doubt that you’re neck muscles are strong, I now hold you up like a proper grown-up baby on my hip!
  • You hold your bottle when you feed!
  • You recognise the ‘changing baby rap’ from our Hartbeeps class and smile whenever I sing it to you!
  • You stand up really strong, sometimes I let go and you stay there for a good second or two!

photo 1-107Jasper’s first laughphoto 3-80photo 4-65photo 2-105photo 3-81


We kind of have a routine here. 7-7 is night time which means no lights, no sensory, no being excited and wound up by daddy. I bathe you , massage you, give you your bottle then put you in your bed. 9 times out of 10 you’ll settle yourself off to sleep by talking away to yourself and rubbing your eyes. When I go to bed I then bring you up to your moses basket in our room and you either continue to sleep until 3, wake for a feed and then sleep again until 7 or you’ll wake at 11, 2 and 6. I think it depends on your growth spurts and developmental leaps.

Your new favourite sleep aid is your tranquil turtle which plays an ocean pattern on the ceiling with gentle waves along with an ocean tune and a lullaby. You love watching it move along the ceiling and so do me and daddy!

You also like to sleep with Monsieur monkey, he loves a cuddle – and have you suck on his arms!

We also pop you in a Grobag most nights (unless its in the wash from you pooping on it) and I do find  you sleep better in it.


We are now officially bottle feeding. While on holiday I added a morning and a night time bottle to supplement your breastfeeds  to help you to gain weight. Well after a couple you decided that you rather fancied the taste of it and started to refuse the boob – much to mummies upset 🙁

You’ll now go on the boob for comfort but you take (when in a routine) 5 bottles of 5 ounces each per day. Normally this goes 7am, 12, 3pm, 7pm, 3am but can really vary by adding more feeds or taking only 2-3 ounces on some feeds.

We also added hungry baby milk to your 7pm feed which seems to be helping you to sleep well.


Oh your Jasperisms – you have so many!

  • You love to talk to your Tigger soft toy and suck on his nose – poor Tigger!
  • You pull the cutest little faces where you shape your mouth like an ‘o’
  • You rub the back of your head on the sofa cushion/pram/car seat or whatever you’re laying on. It makes your hair go all fluffy and you look super cute!

My favourite things about you

Ooh Jasper, there are just too many!

  • I love your smile – your gummy, cheeky smile!
  • I love your little voice that you’ve acquired!
  • I love when you cry and then see my face and stop!
  • I love how you hold my finger and cuddle me (with a little arm positioning from me)


The older you’ve gotten the more you’re finding things that you like. Here are some of your favourites:

Olly the octopus, Monsuere Monkey, Tranquil Turtle, Being carried, bath time, milk, my singing, laying on your front (briefly), baby massage and having your nappy off.

photo 5-47


There are a few things that made you a little bit of a cry monster and those are – mummy making you jump (accidentally of course), waiting for your bottle to cool and … well that’s about it actually!


This month we’ve had very few trips to the doctor! You had your 12 week injections which you handled like an absolute trooper (mummy not so much). You had a it of a rash which mummy thought might have been ringworm but turned out to be just dry skin so you have cream for that.

Some of the things we’ve done

We’ve had quite the busy week and here’s what we got up to:

  • Chloe and Jamies engagement party
  • Tash’s baby shower
  • Paige and Chads wedding
  • Your first holiday to Lanzarote
  • Your first swim in a pool
  • Your first time on an aeroplane
  • More filming for Johnson’sIMG_2366photo 1-108



What a wonderful month it has been little man! I cannot wait to see what month 4 brings us 🙂

photo 2-104


  • Dianne
    17th July 2014 at 8:41 pm Reply

    He has done more than a 2 year old. He takes it all in his stride. x

  • Emilyandindiana
    17th July 2014 at 8:54 pm Reply

    Can’t believe he’s 3 months old! Such a cutie, definitely going to be fighting off the ladies in the future haha xx

  • Bella
    17th July 2014 at 9:15 pm Reply

    I’m sure he’ll continue to make you proud in month 4! Such a lovely post Jess x

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