Jasper you’re 2

Jasper my sweet boy, how is it that you’re already 2? 2 years have passed since you joined the world with all of your newborn squishiness, even longer since I found out I was expecting the love of my life (that’s you of course).

You’ve filled my heart with so much joy; I remember when you were born I didn’t think I could possibly love you any more but you seem to make my heart magically expand by the day; god knows how huge it’ll be this time next year!

Enough of the gushing, this is all about you! At 2 years old you are such a character. A crazy, hair swishing character. You love to crawl around on the floor like a cat, meowing and licking people – odd but cute! Some of your favourite phases are ‘come on mummy‘ as you pull me to my feet; ‘me do it‘ as you’re such a determined little Mr that wants to do everything independently and ‘carry you’ which actually means ‘carry me‘ and you’re probably fed up of me saying ‘oh okay get ready to catch me then‘ – mum humour, sorry Bubba.

Speaking of which; will you forever be known as Bubba? I’m almost certain we’ll still be calling you it when you’re an adult. I do need to start teaching you to call yourself Jasper though, especially as at nursery they’re not likely to call you Bubba, nor are the friends you make.

You’re a very easily pleased little boy. There’s nothing you’re not interested in. It makes it so easy when people ask what to get you as gifts; it also makes it easy when we’re out and about, going for dinner or at other peoples houses as you’ll pretty much play with anything.

Don’t get me wrong, this can be tricky because it also means you’re all over the place, emptying toy box after toy box and going from one toy to another but we have been working on sitting down and focusing more on each activity and tidying up before we move onto the next one and you’re getting really good at that. For your birthday I got you more activities than toys; like your mini laptop, play dough, kinetic sand, bead threading etc and you’re attention span and ability to see tasks through from start to finish is really developing well!

Your go-to toys are ‘typical boy toys’, you love cars, trains, planes, Spider Man, Paw Patrol, balls, your scooter, bike and workbench. You’re currently sat at your mini piano, playing it while scooting it across the floor to be closer to me.

You also love books, whether it’s me reading to you or you reading to yourself or your toys. Bedtime is when we read most as you have your little bookshelf in your room but you often pick up a book during play time and sit by yourself to get stuck into a good story.

You’re also an outdoor adventurer; always wanting to be in the garden, watering the plants and zooming around on your toddle bike. We go for walks to see the cows in the field by our house; explore country parks, feed the ducks and go to the park – any time you’re out with the wind in your hair you’re happy (you also sleep much better).

Things you don’t like at the moment tend to vary but are typical for a little one of your age. You don’t like going to bed when you’re not tired, being told ‘no‘, when mummy is trying to cook and you want to be carried and if someone takes something that is yours. Sharing is something we’re working on; you understand the concept, and often tell people to share but if you’re really enjoying a toy and someone takes it you do shout ‘mine‘; understandably. I’m trying to teach you the balance between sharing and not being a pushover, which I think will come naturally to you in time.

You’re a big people person, shy at first but then so loving and confident around everyone. You love seeing your family and are really good at associating who lives together. You can tell me Aunty Liv lives with Uncle Dan, Sienna and Meg the dog. You can tell me which cousins go together and what you do with them which always amazes me.

Your speech is fantastic. It’s the thing you’re complimented on most (apart from your koala bear hugging abilities). You’re at the stage where you copy everything (mummy needs to be careful), you can string up to 6 words together in a sentence and your vocabulary is endless. You not only answer questions but you ask them, you’re so curious asking what things are and pick up new words and phrases so quickly. I love testing you; so making sure not only can you say ‘dog’ when you see one, but if I ask you ‘who says woof woof?’ or if I ask you where the dog is you can show me the picture.

You’re a very good boy; I’d definitely say you have ‘terrible two’ tendencies but what two year old doesn’t? You go through moments of throwing yourself to the floor, whinging and crying and I think sometimes I don’t cut you enough slack. You feed yourself, you don’t throw things or run off, so when you do it really annoys me; when I should be grateful that I know it’s not just what you do and that I can tell you it’s wrong. I also need to understand that you’re at a very impressionable age and if you’re with friends of the same age who do those behaviours it’s natural you’re going to copy.

Sleep wise you moved into your big boy bed on your 2nd birthday. You’ve been doing really well, sleeping through and then coming into my bed when you wake up in the morning but getting you off to bed has been a bit tricky if you’re not ready. I don’t mind though, I just have to sit on your floor while you tickle my back, it’s quite comforting!

You tend to sleep from around 7:30-6:30 but it really varies and depends if you’ve napped in the day. I still like you to have your 2 hour nap from 1-3pm but it is rare now and is usually limited to a 20 minute power nap in the car.

Food wise you’re doing great. There’s not much you won’t eat, you love fruit and veg and of course chocolate! This morning you had cereal, toast and a yoghurt so I’m thinking you may be going through a growth spurt! I’ve been making mini videos of what you eat in typical days to document it (click here) and you do have good days and bad days.

You have one bottle a day and thats at bed time. You could take it or leave it though, often saying ‘no thank you‘ and putting it on the floor before you get in your cot. The rest of the day you have water from your sports bottle or a cup, although the past 2 weeks you’ve taken to pouring water from a cup on the floor so we’ve been working on not doing that!

Well I think that’s it for your 2 year update; I’m sure I’ve missed a lot but I do try and document most things as they happen on this blog or my Youtube channel so hopefully I’ve covered it all somewhere.

I love you little man, I love your snuggles, your chubby cheeks and gorgeous lashes. Your blonde locks and squidgy wrists. I love how you curl your toes together when you concentrate and grin when you know you’re being cheeky. I love how you kiss ‘bebe’ (mummies tummy) and then go on to show me your ‘bebe’ (it’s all so confusing for you.

DSC08818Here’s to another year of amazing adventures!

Love Muma x

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  • Dianne
    15th May 2016 at 6:41 am Reply

    He really is the cutest, snuggliest, funny, happy, smiley, loving little two year old out there. Jasper is a one off treasure ? X

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