Jasper you’re 10 months old!

Ok so I’m a little late on this post … what’s new though ay? Mummyhood seems to take over and before you know it you’re writing a 10 month update when they’re almost 11 months! Ahh that sounds so crazy; 11 months is so close to 12 months and that means I’ll have a toddler! sob sob .. pass me wine!

Right Jaspy, onto you. You’ve had (of course) yet another wonderful month. You’ve changed so much and are really starting to turn into a little boy not a baby. You’ve also started resembling your big cousin Reece which is super cute!


Your appetite has sky rocketed! You eat so much more now and have been trying lots of different tastes and textures. Your favourite savoury meal at the moment is cheesy pasta and you love blueberries for pudding!

You drink lots more formula now too; I think because we’ve stopped giving you milk during the night you now drink so much more in the day which makes muma very happy!


Okay, you’re still not a sleeper. You don’t drink milk in the night but that doesn’t stop you from waking. Some nights you wake once, others three or four times. You do settle back down quickly with a bit of water and teething gel but your teeth are really bothering you so we have had a few two hour crying fits at 3am!

You nap in the day really well, once around 9am for 40 minutes and then at 12 for an hour and a half or so. This gives muma a chance to recoup and relax!


You’ve started walking around the furniture. It won’t be long until you let go and take a step and then muma needs to be on high alert!

You climb all the way up the stairs (with me hovering behind you)

You now climb down the steps in our living room backwards, much less daring then head first like you used to!

You blow kisses

You wave

You clap

Your babbling has gone to a new level. It sounds like you say ‘oh no’ when you’re upset which is kind of cute!


Jasperisms – what makes you you!

Oh my goodness, the little things that make you Jaspy. You still do your filthy laugh; a kind of cackle come giggle. It’s hilarious and adorable … and a little creepy too!

When you’re trying to fall asleep you fidget like there’s no tomorrow! You must change positions 20 times before you find a comfy spot and start to snore away!



You love your big brother Rhys. He makes you laugh so much. In fact you love all of your family so much! Your eyes light up when you see your grandparents and cousins, it makes my heart melt!

Laying on the floor – every so often you’ll crawl along and rest your head on the floor to have a think

Swimming – You LOVE your swimming classes and are probably the noisiest splasher there!

Exploring – Whether at home, grandmas house or the creche; you’re always climbing around grabbing at whatever you can!



Okay you’ve developed a hatred for getting dressed and having your nappy done. Unfortunately bubba, I need to do it so please start to tolerate it a bit more!


What we’ve been up to:

  • Lots more swimming lessons
  • Baby dates
  • Birthday parties
  • Walks with the Smart Trike
  • A mini vacay to Bluestone in Wales with Sarah and Isla


Well Jaspy, you’re nearly 11 months as I type this but I’m sure I’ll still have so much to add. Thank you for another wonderful month bambino; here’s to many many more!


Love muma x


  • Dianne
    7th March 2015 at 2:18 pm Reply

    Thats just scratching the surface of all the amazing things that little man does. You could write a book (a small one) x

    • Jessica
      10th March 2015 at 7:54 pm Reply

      I always get a mind block when I’m writing his updates, there’s so much more to tell!

  • Emilyandindiana
    7th March 2015 at 7:35 pm Reply

    I canot believe how grow up he looks and is now! He’ll be running around before you know it – be prepared haha xx

    • Jessica
      10th March 2015 at 7:52 pm Reply

      I can definitely wait for him to be walking, he’s so much trouble as it is haha

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