January Nonabox – Our fave so far!

January’s Nonabox has to be my favourite so far. If you’ve been following our Nona journey then you’ll know that we’ve had some hit or misses – well this has all been turned into one giant thumbs up after the super awesome box we received last month. I say box, I actually mean boxes … yep there were two! No, they didn’t accidentally send me someone else’s; they send me two boxes worth of goodies!

The first box, contained the gorgeous smelling Cloub B lavender sheep pillow. As a mother of a baby that doesn’t sleep well; anything containing lavender is used with great force! The sheep velcroes together or lays flat and Jaspy has slept with it every night without fail. I also pop it in the car with him when it’s his nap time so he really associates it with sleep! This has probably been my favourite item EVER from Nonabox!

The second box contained 5 products from our favourite no nasties food brand – Ella’s Kitchen. These included:

5 pack of ‘The Orange One’ – These are perfect for snacks alone as well as to be mixed in with morning porridge, veggie purees and Farleys.

1x Prune and Raisin Brekkie – Jaspy wolfed this down for breakfast the next day. I usually give him porridge and I find it more substantial then the puree pouches but as this one contains baby rice milk I thought I’d give it a go … massive hit from Jaspy!

1x Mangoes Mangoes Mangoes – Always a winner with Jaspy, he loves his fruit and ate this straight from the pouch!

1x Super Scrummy Salmon Risotto – I was so excited about this one as Jaspy loves to eat smoked salmon; however it wasn’t the right time to try it with him. At almost 10 months he should be on track to eat it but his pallet is slightly less advanced and he much prefers the smooth textures. I’ll definitely be trying this one again at a later date though!

1x Very Very Tasty Veggie Bake – We are yet to try this one as I know Jaspy prefers the sweet purees, so I’ll keep this one for later!

The second box also contained a packet of my favourite wipes – Water Wipes. These ones however aren’t for bambinos bum, no no. They’re for mumas face! Yes that’s right, they’re makeup remover wipes – so gentle on the skin and remove EVERYTHING – no morning panda eyes!

I also got another bottle of Palmers Skin Therapy Oil. I think I’ve already had one or two from Nonabox but I LOVE it so having a supply at home is fab!

The final item was a small bottle of Children’s Farm Hair and Body Wash. This brand is completely new to me and as it’s made for children with sensitive skin and eczema, I’m thrilled! Jaspy had really sensitive dry skin so this will be perfect for him.

Again, this is the best Nonabox I’ve received so far. It really is full of fab products that will ALL be tried. If you want to sign up to Nonabox then head over to www.nonabox.com for more info!


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