It’s a 5am thing #teamupallnight

Last night I officially joined #teamupallnight on Twitter. As far as I’m aware there’s no kind of initiation or joining fee, you simply need to be kept up all night by your bambino.

In fact it may also be for those party harders out clubbing and drinking until all hours, but from what I’ve seen it’s for the parents up feeding, nappy changing and generally occupying their little ones throughout the wee hours of the morning – droopy eyes and heavy heads (but still Twitter alert!)

Since Jasper was born we’ve had a really good sleeping routine. At first I had to wake him for feeds as he hadn’t established a feeding routine but then he slotted straight into waking every 3 hours. Usually these were at midnight (when I’d be going to bed), 3am and then 6am (when we’d be waking up anyway).

The only real wake up call at 3am was quickly settled with 20 mins on the boob, maybe a cheeky cuddle and then straight back to sleep – easy peasy!

This had been pretty constant but last night we decided to party all night! We went off to bed about 11, Jasper woke at 2 for a feed and then went back off to sleep – a bit earlier than usual but not a problem!

At 4:30 he then woke again and it went a little like this:

Jasper snuffled loudly till I woke up, I took him downstairs (2 flights as we’re in a townhouse) to get his medicine from the fridge, I then gave an unenthusiastic newborn some disgusting tasting bright pink medicine while he screamed the house down (Pete slept through it). This gave him diarohea so a nappy change was necessary, followed by a feed – he’d cleared some room!

Rocked back to sleep I put him down in his moses basket only to be woken to him projectile vomiting … from his mouth and nose – bright pink stuff mixed with phlegm and milk, delicious!

Another outfit change, diarohea, nappy change.

Hungry again after emptying his stomach, so of course another feed – I should have know better but I soon learnt…

Fell asleep in our bed due to a sicky moses basket and of course …more vomiting!

Outfit change, cuddles and finally a couple of family selfies as by this point we were all wide awake.


It got to 6am so I browsed Twitter for a while and surprisingly felt pretty fresh all day! In fact I’ve felt fresher than I normally would on more sleep!

I think the days that I go to sleep early and try to laze about in bed in the mornings I actually end up getting too much sleep and feeling more tired throughout the day.

I can’t nap, no matter how tired I am, I’ve never been able to, I almost feel like napping in the day is a waste of precious hours and can never seem to shut off – there’s always something to do. I was starting to think if I kept feeling so tired and wasn’t napping I’d eventually burn out. Even though I was getting enough sleep I thought it was the broken sleep making me so tired but you know what I really put it down to oversleeping now!

Getting a limited amount of sleep, but of good quality seemed to give me more energy and feel tired enough now to fall asleep straight away without waiting for my mind to shut off first.

If this ‘up all night’ lifestyle of Jasper’s is to become a habit I’m hoping I feel as fresh the following days like I have today!

We certainly are hardcore party animals in this house!

Anyone else part of #teamupallnight?
If so follow the hashtag on Twitter – always great to chat to others when you feel like the rest of the worlds asleep ☺️
Thanks for reading!

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