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Baby bear is already one month old and although he still has a set routine of sleep, feed, sleep, feed repeat; he’s started to stay awake for longer periods of time to explore the world around him. At his age he’s developing like crazy; typically a baby of four weeks is starting to lift their head, can follow moving objects with their eyes and although can’t grasp objects yet can certainly be reaching out to them and little Bear is right on the mark with these milestones. He’s such a curious little one, always lifting his head towards noises and kicks out in excitement when his brother lays next to him to show him a toy and this is why it’s so important to nurture these phases of rapid development.

We’ve teamed up with parenting and baby brand Infantino who have given us the chance to explore some of their wonderful range of toys. Their ethos is simple, to keep children curious and full of smiles and you can tell this even at the first glance of their products.

First up we tried out the Grow With Me Activity Gym and Ball Pit.

With overhead discovery featuring four removable sea pals there is plenty for little one to focus on and reach for when laid on their back. The sea pals include a crab mirror, crinkle starfish, octopus rattle and fish teether, all of which can be switched around to different hooks on the gym or even taken away and attached to your childs carseat or pram.

The mat itself is brightly patterned making it perfect for an exciting spot of tummy time; and it’s smooth surface looks like it’ll aid your little ones when they’re learning to roll over.

What makes this activity gym extra special is that there are mesh sides you can pop up with ease to not only contain a rolling bambino but to turn the gym into a fun ball pit for sitting toddlers. The balls are conveniently stored in the turtles head so as to keep your home as tidy as a home with children can be whilst adding a bit of fun – who wants to get balls from a plain old bag or box when you can get them from a turtles head?

Baby Bear has spent many a post-nap playtime in his activity gym and really focuses on the hanging toys. He reaches his arms and kicks his legs out in excitement too which is so adorable to see.

The activity gym is light to carry so it’s perfect to take out in the garden or wherever you are at home. It doesn’t fold down to a smaller size to store but being so light you can easily move it out of the way when the kids are asleep and you want some kind of adult-looking living room to relax in.

Jasper also loves sneaking into the acitivity gym when baby Bear isn’t in it and even when he is Jasper lays next to him and talks to him about the sea pals – heart melting!
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Next up is the Sail Away Slumber Pal 

This super soft to touch whale nightlight has 5 different colours that can be changed via the touch sensitive back panel – perfect for when baby is old enough to reach out to it or in the middle of the night if you don’t want to faff about trying to find the right colour.

There are two different modes, sleep mode which has three nature sounds and play mode which has three melodies. The melodies are still gentle enough to use as calming lullabies and often Bear will listen to any of them while drifting off.

Jasper loves getting involved with this one, changing the colours for him and, well usually running off with it to enjoy for himself! Baby Bear loves looking at the colours and I even put it in his activity gym with him or next to him in his baby chair or car seat to keep him occupied!

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Another fab toy we’ve been exploring is the Peek a Boo Ball.

Although Bear isn’t old enough to hold it himself he really focuses on the bright colours and reaches out to it – I’m sure he’ll be grabbing it in no time!

It has a hidden monkey toy that pops out which has provided Jasper with lots of fun – ‘Monkey say boo to baby mummy

The ball is made from soft material and has so many bright colours, patterns and textures it’ll be a firm favourite for tummy time, travelling and general play I’m sure!

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Next up the Jittery Monkey and Chime Pink Dog

I love toys like these for babies because if like Jasper did when he was younger, they have a favourite, you can take it just about anywhere you go without risking losing it. These easy linker toys attach to carseats, strollers, highchair, cots, carrier – just about anywhere!

The Jittery Monkey jitters back up when you pull it down and the Chime Pink Dog makes a sweet chime noise when you shake it. They both have safe, natural wooden rings perfect for grabbing and chewing on when those toothipegs start making an appearance.

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We’ve loved exploring the Infantino range and will definitely be checking out their other products too! Stay tuned for updates on how baby Bear gets on with his new toys as he grows and develops; I’ll be sure to feature more over on my social media and Youtube channel as well as on here.

What are your go-to activity toys for babies?

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