I’m an Emma’s Diary Blogger!

Hello lovelies! I’m back with a super exciting update for you today; as you can see from the title … I’m officially an Emma’s Diary blogger!

Emma’s Diary is the first parenting website that I signed up to when I found out that I was carrying my little rabbit. They’re actually who inspired me to start blogging, kind of. I was pregnant, had experience copywriting and thought to myself (albeit naively) ‘pregnancy websites would love to hire someone who’s not only got writing experience but is also pregnant’ … fab idea Jessica, except there were a million of these people out there, what are they called again … oh yea – bloggers!

Oh my it opened up a world to me, thanks to Kip Hakes for shining that light! Now thankfully I’m one of the mummy blogger crew.  A pregnancy and a year of parenting down and Emma’s Diary have approached me to be one of their team and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

As part of my role I’ll be working on some fab brand collaborations and the first one was this week. I headed out to Frankfurt (very exciting) to meet with the Pampers team!! We had a tour of the factory, found out about the research and development and history behind the nappies, and then got the chance to ask the team any questions I had! I’m yet to edit and upload my blog but I’ll do this asap and post it here for you!

I’m so so excited for such an awesome opportunity, and can’t wait to share it with you guys along the way!

Last week me and Jasper headed to London to meet the Emma’s Diary team who were blooming lovely! Here’s how we got on … in London … on the tube … with Jasper in a sling

Thanks for reading/ watching guys!


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