iCandy Peach Blossom Review*

One of our most used pieces of equipment throughout parenthood so far has to be a pushchair. As much as I love baby wearing, having somewhere to lay your baby has always felt like the safest option for me – I have miniature feet and am a bit of a tripper so baby wearing always leaves me feeling a little nervous! Not to mention with a changing bag for two, sometimes three kiddos I need somewhere to store it!

We’ve had a few pushchairs over time, mainly ones to review but since having Jenson there has been only one pushchair that we’ve used – the iCandy Peach Blossom. Now as much as I love a side by side pushchair for the social aspect I do love the narrowness of a tandem – it makes for a much easier shopping trip weaving between aisles! I wasn’t always keen on tandems in the beginning; I never liked the idea of one child being on top of the other but since reviewing the Phil and Ted voyager I’ve been converted!

The Peach Blossom is the extension of the iconic Peach. It’s available in the twin version which comes with two of everything suitable for two newborns or two toddlers; or in the double mode, suitable for two bambinos of different ages. The double is perfect for our family as we have Jenson who is but a few months old and Jasper who is 2 years old. We also have Rhys who is 3 but I honestly can’t remember the last time he sat in a pushchair. The Peach Blossom can also be used in single mode which would just be the Peach and this is how we use it mostly as Jasper is Mr Independent and likes to walk. For long days out and shopping trips though it’s so important for us to have the option of a double.

The Peach Blossom is suitable from birth when used with the carrycot (sold separately) or from 6 months up to 15kg per seat unit and both seats can be set at either parent or world facing. The pushchair can also be used with a compatible car seat (there are so many including the popular Maxi-Cosi Pebble, Pebble Plus and Cabrio Fix) all you need to do is pop the car seat adapters (also sold separately) onto the chassis. We never actually used it with the car seat as Jenson was always easy to transfer to the carrycot but from watching tutorials it looks pretty easy to do.

As a double the Peach Blossom retails at £905 and is available in a number of stylish colours including Claret, Primrose, Olive, Black Magic, BubbleGum, Butterscotch, Jet2 and the one we went for – Royal Blue which is a little bit gorgeous!

What’s in the box?

  • Chassis
  • Seat unit
  • Seat elevators
  • Double converter seat and adapters
  • Raincovers

You can also purchase a range of add ons including:

  • Peach main carrycot – £185
  • Peach Blossom carrycot – £165
  • Footmuff – £90
  • Seat liner – £38
  • Parasol – £29
  • Sunshade – £35
  • Carry bag – £80
  • Cup holder – £15 and cup holder/parasol clamp – £5
  • Car seat adaptors – £30
  • Organic cotton mattress – £40

For the purpose of this review we were sent the Peach Blossom carrycot as well as the pushchair so as to be able to use it from birth with Jenson.


The set up of the pushchair couldn’t have been easier. The instruction manual comes with simple step by step illustrations. Granted Pete did it but I watched along and it was a simple case of slotting the wheels onto the chassis and then popping on either the carrycot, seat or both. If using both the carrycot and the seat then the adapters needed to be popped on to the chassis and also the optional buffer bar. The seat covers come attached so there’s no fiddling about trying to squeeze those over the seat frames which I’ve found so annoying with previous pushchairs.

Peach Blossom Carrycot

The carrycot feels really secure with rigid sides and has a large sturdy hood that can be be used at 3 levels. It has a vented base panel with rubber feet which aids in air circulation and the lining is made from and the padded mattress is firm yet comfortable (as far as Jensons smiley face told me). The mattress cover is wipe clean but is also removable and washable which is perfect for a sicky baby like Jenson!

What’s fab is that the carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping! We never actually used it for this feature but if we were to stay overnight at a friends or on holiday this would have come in so handy and would have saved us from needing to bring a travel cot or request one. If the room is short on space you could leave the chassis in the car and pop the carrycot on a flat surface (of course using your own judgement as to where is safe). Jenson did sleep really well in it whenever we were out and about during the day and if he falls asleep in it I did used to leave him in it rather than try to transfer him to his cot.

The carrycot is suitable from birth up until baby weighs 9kgs or is able to sit up. Jenson is currently 16lbs and isn’t showing any signs of trying to sit up however he just started touching the carrycot head to toe as he’s such a tall boy so we just moved him up to the seat unit. I have read that the Peach Blossom carrycot is slightly smaller than the Peach carrycot and is also slightly narrower at the bottom so perhaps if we had the Peach carrycot he may have lasted slightly longer in it.

The carrycot folds flat when it’s not being used which is great for saving space however our boot is quite large so we never needed to do that yet.

Attaching it to the chassis is as simple as slotting the two carrycot arms into the chassis adapter points; there are no buttons to press and you hear a click to let you know it’s in securely. Taking it out is also simple as it has a unique pop-up one hand removal system whereby you only need to press the button on one side of the carrycot for it to be released for you to lift off the chassis.

It is not recommended to use the Peach Blossom carrycot in single mode as it has not been tested for this purpose however as I didn’t have the Peach carrycot and I don’t always use the pushchair in double mode; I was doing this and it was absolutely fine. iCandy do also advise that the Peach carrycot cannot be used in the double or twin mode and I’m assuming this is down to its larger size.

unnamed unnamed (3)DSC04261

Peach Blossom Seat

The Peach Blossom seat is suitable from 6 months up to 25kgs, however it does lay completely flat and I have seen and heard of many parents putting their children in them from a much younger age. I know that the carrycot has a mattress and is therefore the most comfortable option for a newborn but as Jenson has just grown out of the carrycot before 6 months I’ve moved him up to the seat before then.

The seat has a 5 point safety harness which is easily adjusted, fastened and unfastened using a one touch buckle. It also has 3 recline positions taking it from upright to laying flat and this is adjusted easily via the centre button on either side of the seat. What I love about the seat is that is has an adjustable leg rest and this is something I haven’t seen on any other pushchair I’ve had!

The seat is easily removed from the chassis in the same way as the carrycot – via the unique pop-up one hand removal system; and is attached in the same way too, by simply slotting the seat arms into the chassis adapter points.


It also has a removable bumper bar made from the same stylish leatherette as the handle bar. This slots into the frame of the seat and can be removed by pressing the button on either side of the bumper bar and pulling it out. This can also be attached to the carrycot.


As mentioned, the Peach Blossom comes with an additional seat – the lower seat which is exactly the same as the main seat in terms of looks and functionality however it is slightly smaller to be able to fit the lower part of the chassis.


The Peach Blossom has a strong chrome chassis. The handle is leatherette which is not only stylish but durable and comfortable to hold. It has 4 height positions taking it from 95cm to 105cm and it’s so easy to adjust by simply squeezing in the button on the centre of the handlebar and pulling/pushing it to the desired height.


It has a basket underneath, large enough to store a big changing bag, a couple of coats and a blanket, and there is also an over the shoulder carry strap attached to the chassis making it easy to carry it around when folded.


The pushchair has a foot break which is really easy to use, you simply push it down with your foot to apply the lock breaks and then lift it up to turn them off. It also has lockable front wheels with puncture proof EVA tyres and all round suspension for a smooth ride.

Folding the chassis down couldn’t be easier; you simply need to apply the breaks, pop the seat/ carrycot/ adapters off the chassis; squeeze the handle bar height adjuster button, push the handle bar down to the lowest position and then lower the handle bar to the floor. After a couple of tries this flows in one motion and is so simple. The chassis then folds over and you can pop on the hold together clips to secure the frame together. It can be stored flat or freestanding. To unfold the chassis you simply need to undo the hold together clips and lift the handle bar away from the rest of the chassis until it clicks into position – it couldn’t be easier!

The chassis allows for both the seat and lower seat to be either parent or world facing at the same time and of course if using the pushchair in single mode the seat can be used in both parent and world facing modes too. The pushchair comes with elevators that slot onto the chassis which heightens the seat in both parent and world facing mode to allow your little one to get closer to you or the world around them. The elevator is also used when the pushchair is in double mode to allow for room between the lower and main seat.


Technical Specs

  • Suitable from birth up to 25kg
  • Folded (LxWxH) 70x60x28.5cms
  • Unfolded (LxWxH) 72x60x95-105cms
  • Maximum weight for shopping basket – 5kgs (capacity 26l/6.8 gal)
  • Safety tested & certified to BS EN 1888 and BS EN 1466 for Europe


  • Being a tandem pushchair I love how narrow it is compared to a side by side double.
  • The leatherette handle and bumper bar are both so stylish and comfortable. They’re also durable as many foam handlebars I’ve had have been damaged easily.
  • The chassis can be folded flat with one hand and stores flat both laying down and free standing.
  • The adjustable leg rest is a great touch.
  • The carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping making travel even easier.
  • The carry strap is very handy.
  • I love the pop-up one hand removal system.


  • The carrycot doesn’t come with the pushchair so is an additional cost.
  • The pushchair cannot be folded with the seats attached so you do have to remove the seat/s, bumper bar and adapters before folding it down; this does make storage a little less neat.
  • When the pushchair is in double mode you lose most of the basket storage (typical of a double tandem pushchair).

How we got on

For the first couple of months we mainly used the pushchair as a single using the carrycot in parent facing mode. I know this isn’t recommended but we didn’t always need it in double mode and I wanted to make use of the carrycot before Jenson was too big for it. Once Jenson was around 5 months old he got to a point where he was touching both ends of the carrycot so we swapped him to the seat and have been using it in the fully reclined position which seems to be just as comfortable even though it breaks my heart a little that he looks so grown up in it! We always keep the lower seat and elevators in the boot of the car in case we suddenly need to turn it into a double and this has always been easy to do.

Overall I absolutely love the iCandy Peach Blossom. It has been a dream to use with Jenson as a single and also with Jasper as a double. Rhys has also had a go when we went for a long walk and he loved it! The pushchair is really stylish and we often get complimented on the Royal colour and tan leatherette combination! It’s easy to use, feels extremely safe and sturdy and switches from a single to a double and back with ease.

If you’d like to check out the iCandy range then head over to their website to browse the gorgeous pushchairs and accessories!

What’s your favourite single to double pushchair? Have you tried iCandy before?

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

*We were sent this pushchair for the purpose of an honest review; all opinions are my own. 

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