How to entertain baby while you’re ill

I’m never sick, ever! I get the odd cold that lasts a day or two but I normally have a really good immune system. That was until becoming a mum of course!

Every weekend Rhys comes to us he has a cold or a cough and now that Jasper’s rolling around on the floor and going to baby groups he’s getting colds too.

Well this weekend was my turn and I felt awful! I have a headache, I felt tired and weak and the worst part – I felt sick! What I think is worse than feeling sick, is not being able to be sick! I get the retching and watery mouth but nothing!

So I was confined to the sofa and thought I’d write a quick guide to taking care of a baby when you’re a bit under the weather:

1) keep it clean
The last thing you want is to give bambino whatever sickness you have (even though they probably gave it to you to start with) so try to clear those germs quickly. Have hand sanitiser at hand as well as tissues and wipes. Catch it bin it kill it and all that jazz!

2) Don’t be tempted by the cuteness
Although it may be super tempting to want to snuggle up to bambino, try to keep away or at least don’t go kissing them on their face or letting them put their hands in your mouth.

3) Let baby occupy themselves
This may be near on impossible but try to contain baby in a bouncer or playpen or surround them with enough toys and entertainment to allow you some time to …

4) Relax
Try to chill out on the sofa. If baby sleeps then try to sleep yourself. While they’re not in needy mode, just relax.

5) Everything can wait
Had a blog post to write? Washing to do? Screw it! They can wait, overdoing it will only prolong your illness so push it to the backseat, it can wait until tomorrow!

6) Accept help
If your parter offers to stay home from work or mum offers to pop over don’t try to be brave – say yes! Looking after a baby while ill is tough work so put your feet up and let someone help you!

7) Use your energy wisely
When you get that rare moment of energy make the most of it. Make a cuppa, put on some food, chuck those stinky nappies in the bin and replenish bambinos toy pile.

8) Fresh air
If you’re feeling a bit cooped up and have the energy to go for a walk then do it. Get yourself and baby out of that germy house and get some fresh air! It may even help to send baby off to sleep allowing you even more relaxation once you’re home! Even better, it may make you start feeling tip top again!

9) Don’t bother
Doing your make up and brushing your hair? Na! Messy hair don’t care and sweats is what a sick day is all about! Baby thinks you’re beautiful no matter what so don’t waste your time and energy getting dolled up!

10) the usual sick day advice
Lastly, the standard sick day pointers. Keep your fluids up; keep warm but don’t overheat. Eat little and often as you can manage. The most important thing is getting better so you can go back to top form for bambino!

What ‘sick day with a baby’ advice would you give?

Thanks for reading! Xx


  • Lauren Ashley Varley (@lollybond2010)
    22nd October 2014 at 6:04 am Reply

    I had a cold last week…only for a few days but then hubby caught it, it’s the worst thing having a cold and looking after a baby. Joey’s had a bad chest for a few weeks now and is on Amoxicillin.

    • Jessica
      31st October 2014 at 8:23 pm Reply

      Oh no poor Joey, how is he doing now? It’s horrible isn’t it, you don’t want to give them what you’ve got but you just want to snuggle them! x

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