Hello Fresh – Week 1

As I’m well under way with my pre wedding beauty plan I’m trying to eat really healthily. I was never a particularly unhealthy eater before but I was partial to a bit of processed food and never ate as much fresh food as I should have done.

When Pete told me he’d ordered a Hello Fresh box I was (after finding out what it was) super excited! We had a bit of confusion and thought the box would arrive on Monday with pre-made meals for the two of us for five nights; but the contents was actually fresh ingredients to make the meals yourself!

The boxes are around £50 a pop so definitely a luxury rather than a necessity but we plan to continue with them for around a month. Not only are they great for meal planning but they give you fresh ideas and help you to judge quantities needed eliminating waste – I’m a big waster and end up throwing away so much food.

We’re going to get a ring binder and keep all of the meal cards in them for future use as they are so scrummy! Here’s our first box:

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