Happy New Year

Well what a wonderful start to the year it’s been so far. My heart is full and so is my stomach – probably too full if I’m honest but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Christmas was just perfect, full of family, laughter, food and of course presents. We hosted Christmas dinner again this year but this time for my family instead of Petes. We’ve figured it’s easier to just take it in turns seeing his family one year and mine the next as trying to visit two families in one day with kids in tow can be more than exhausting!

Pete really impressed us all with the best roast dinner I’ve ever eaten, he really is a whizz in the kitchen! He also spoilt us all rotten with gifts, which although is wonderful did make me feel a tad sick and has meant that birthdays this year will be cut right down and we’ll be donating most of the boys old toys to charity this month.

I am so pleased with my gifts though, don’t get me wrong! I’m forever grateful that he believes in my brand enough to invest so much into it both money wise (new computer) and time wise ( setting up my new office).

The pressure is on now to really kick ass this 2016 via my blog and Youtube channel and I’m really positive I’ve got some great things lined up!

The boys main gift was a two seater Range Rover that can either be driven or controlled via remote. To say they’re obsessed is an understatement as they spend most of the days at home saying ‘car, car, car’ and hovering by the front door eager to go out and drive! Jasper hasn’t quite nailed driving yet but Rhys is a whiz; reversing speedily with one arm rested on the door oh so dude-like – I bet our new neighbours love us!

Anyway; off the subject of gifts. We spent most of Christmas visiting families houses, going out for family meals and hosting a day after boxing day party with over 20 people – again, Pete cooked and was so impressive! We’ve had so much quality time and relaxation that although we’re exhausted from eating and having fun, I’m so excited to go back to normality! Pete’s back to work tomorrow, mine and Jaspers routine of baby gym, swimming and nursery starts this week and I’m eager to get into focus mode and really start this year with a productive bang!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year; I really am so excited to continue to grow this blog with you guys and am forever grateful for your support,

Lots of love,



  • Dianne
    3rd January 2016 at 8:55 pm Reply

    Christmas Day was fantastic and the food was amazing. I think you are secretly married to a chef x

    • Jessica
      3rd January 2016 at 9:22 pm Reply

      Haha I think so too! He just brought me up a guiness pie while I’m working – winner!

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