Have you got the hair factor? Top mummy hairstyles

I can honestly say that my hair is the bane of my life. It’s thick and heavy, it gets knotty and frizzy and extreme dry.

When I was younger it was naturally quite wavy and would curl really nicely with the right products; but after years of straightening, blow drying and not using protective spray – it’s rather a mess.

The dryness can be a godsend as it means I only need to wash it once a week but it also means that it feels pretty horrid at the ends. Now that I have Jasper I rarely have time to style it and with his wriggly grabby little fingers I always end up just putting it up in a bun.

This is fine but ends up meaning that I could go for days without brushing it and end up with extreme knots and hair loss – yuck!

So, with October being my month of looking after myself I’ve decided to put a little extra focus in my hair. I’ve beens searching for the best mummy hairstyles that are, of course, quick, easy to do and most importantly – look fab!

The messy bun – This seems to be my go-to style. It’s quick and it’s easy. For me, I simply chuck it up in a bun. The knots and dryness gives it that messy look with ease – however if you’re looking to do it the right way, here’s a tutorial:

d59d8ca249ed1b45124e7f46624417ceThe pony – Oh the pony; it can be sleek or messy, high or low; but it’s always a winner! I love this one here featured and it looks like its had a bit of backcombing on the crown; however a sleek back pony also looks fab and sophisticated.

9b1dc4e94a7ff0832193839a19759e9aFishtail – This one was relatively new to me, I only learnt how to do it a couple of weeks ago. It takes a little practise and does take longer to do then a normal french braid but it looks so pretty – especially the messy version!8acc702ae7c92b276d9fc368f02ccb82Half up half down – Now this one I’ve not been too sure about. I’ve seen it a lot on the likes of the kardashians and Towie crew but I always thought it looked a tad silly, especially when the half up bit is a messy bun. However; it’s grown on me. I did it the other day and it actually looked pretty awesome, plus it’s super easy!

289ebdea35281922fd15f1b9da4081b9Braid crown – Ooh this is my absolute fave. It just looks so pretty and boho and exactly what I want to have every single day! It may look tricky but it’s actually super simple to do (once you’ve had a bit of practise!).


So there you have it, some super easy to create hairstyles that look incredibly fabulous! Who says being a mum means neglecting your locks! Try one of these styles, look like a stunner and keep that hair off your face and out of your bambinos hands!

What styles do you go for day to day?

Thanks for reading xx

*Image credits – Pinterest

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