Hair Goals with HD Girl*

Any other muma fed up of rocking the signature messy bun style? I’m not talking the ‘this took me ten minutes to perfectly construct this perfect about of messy-not messy’ no, I’m talking messy, plain old messy. You know, when babies first nappy of the morning is a crappy one and you need to get your hair off your face to concentrate; or when their grabby little hands just want to get tangled in your knotted mane and it’s safer for both parties to just scrape it back.

My ‘messy bun’ is messy, it’s mum messy. It’s baby hair around my hair line and ridiculously huge top knot for my pea sized head kind of messy and you know what? I’m tired of it!

I want luscious hair that’s red carpet worthy, or atlas supermarket worthy. I want Jasper’s hand to reach into it and slide right out without me having to ‘hold the phone’ and spend ten minutes detangling his fingers.

So, I’ve decided to make some hair goals. You know, #hairgoals. I’ve taken to pinterest and instagram, girl crushed on Amber Fillerup and made a plan. No longer will I wash my hair once a week, skip drying and brushing and go straight to the bun, I’m going to take care of it and here’s how:

Instead of rushing to wash off my conditioner I’ll be taking a little bit more time to leave it in and really let it do some good to my locks. I’ll be planning my hair washing evenings instead of leaving it until I have to wash it whilst trying to stop Jasper flushing his toys down the toilet. I’ll take the time to add moroccan oil, blow dry it and brush it through properly. I’ll style it every day – yes every day! Even if it just means clipping the slides back or a PROPER messy bun!

So often I want to post a picture of me and Jaspy on Instagram but don’t because I don’t like how I look, even if the picture is focused on Jaspy. Well hopefully this will change; just a few extra minutes a day to boost my hair confidence and I’ll be snap happy like I used to be! Heck I may even enter the HD Girl 2016 competition with a cheeky selfie to win a profession photoshoot, styling kit worth £795 and to be the face of the brand! All you have to do is send a picture of yourself to one of their social media channels like instagram – go on mumas, let’s beat our hair goals!

Jess x


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