Today Pete surprised me with a Greggs Christmas Ring Bun … needless to say it was the most exciting part of my day, maybe even my week! I always love Greggs at Christmas (anytime they’re pretty fantabulous) but at Christmas their festive menu’s are ‘the bomb’. So when I saw the Greggs wrapper I knew it would be something pretty special, and look … it was!!!

photo 1

It’s a vanilla flavoured fairy bun decorated with fondant icing and magically sprinkled with coloured sugar balls. So the santa on top is pretty fantastic in it’s own right but imagine my surprise when I turned it to the side and saw this!

photo 2

It’s a ring! An amazing Greggs bun topped with a santa ring transformer! And low and behold … it fits!

photo 3

Well as a midi ring, which is all the rage right now anyway isn’t it!? Ok maybe i’ll donate it to my niece, it would fit her teeny fingers perfectly and she might even find it just as exciting as I did!

I do love Greggs at Christmas 🙂

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