A few days ago I shared with you the exciting news that I am now a Graco ambassador; I won’t get into the details of that here but if you’d like to know more then please do pop over to my previous post where I explain what it will all involve plus the fab story behind Graco as a brand!

To kickstart the role last week I attended a fun launch event for the Generation Graco programme. Rather then my usual early morning train journey into London which is where most events are held; myself, Pete, Jasper and Jenson hopped into the car and headed to the Legoland Resort Hotel in Windsor – how’s that for a fun event location!?

Jasper was so excited on the way up and he spent the journey telling me all about what would be made from lego from the slides to the houses. His eyes literally lit up when we saw the sign and from then on it was pretty much ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ until we left for home.

The day was split into two; the morning for the event and then the afternoon for us to explore the park; I was a little worried incase Jasper had already gotten tired by then but if he did we didn’t notice as he was off like a rocket as soon as we set foot in the park!

The event started with a scrummy breakfast where we got to meet the Graco team as well as the other bloggers on the campaign and it was so lovely to catch up with Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks! We then got down to business, learning about the brands story (shared in previous post) and all about their carseats. It was then a quick spot of lunch – the brownies and sliders were insanely good and then we sat back down to learn about their strollers and pushchairs. All the while Pete and the boys along with the other partners and children were playing in giant tubs of lego – very fitting! DSC08476DSC08479 DSC08482 DSC08484 DSC08489 DSC08491

I’ll of course be going into detail about the products as and when I get to try them out but I was so impressed with what I saw. Everything was not only stylish but functional and there were quite a few features across thir products that I haven’t yet come across on any other brands – how exciting!


After saying farewell to the Graco team we headed into the park; I’d been there before when I was much younger but it was so much cooler than I’d remembered. I love that we’re starting to take Jasper to places that we went as children, it’s like living our childhoods through him!

We watched a really cool pirate stunt show with jet skis and gymnastics and I could have watched them all day – so brilliant for a show that’s must included in the price of your ticket!


As Jasper is three and not particularly tall there wasn’t a great deal that he could go on rides wise. Duplo land was dedicated to his age group and he went on a mini train ride and a helicopter one but aside from that he spent his time panning for gold, driving remote control boats and cars and playing in the play park. He could have gone in the water park but I didn’t pack any spare clothes and he was quite content in the normal park. I think if we went back we’d leave it a few months until he’s a little bit taller so that he could go on more rides and we’d definitely stay in the resort hotel as it looked awesome!

DSC08502 DSC08503 DSC08509DSC08512 DSC08513 DSC08515 DSC08522 DSC08524DSC08532 DSC08534 DSC08535

Of course meltdowns were a plenty when it came to taking a picture with muma and leaving the park but that’s all a sign of a good day right!?


We had such a fab time at the Graco launch event and can’t wait for the next one – the team have certainly set the bar high!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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