Valentines Gift Guide for Him

With Christmas behind us and Valentines hot on our heels; I thought it was about time to share my gift ideas for Pete. I’ve never really been a teddy bear and heart shaped chocolate kind of girl. I’d much prefer a practical gift; so these aren’t really valentine specific; in fact they’re gifts that could work for any occasion and anyone!

Pete’s not the easiest to buy for; but he is very sentimental and loves things that are a bit unique:


1) The Book of Everyone

This is the perfect gift if you like to give something a little personal. The book of everyone is a personalised book celebrating everything that makes them unique. All you need to do is fill out the blanks online and the book is tailor made to be about them. The book is filled with personalised facts and statistics centered around their name, age, D.O.B, place of birth etc. The contents includes the song that was number 1 the day they were born; historical events on their birthdays etc.

You can then personalise it further with photo’s, their favourite quotes and more. It’s a really great sentimental gift and definitely a keeper! My friend Donna from The London Mum had one made for her son William which I think is a great idea, even to give to them on their 18th birthday!book


2) Chocolat Chocolat

Unless you know one of those freaks of nature that doesn’t like chocolate (yep I’ve heard they actually exist) then what could be a better gift to give then chocolate created by you? With Chocolat Chocolat you can custom make chocolate bars by selecting the chocolate type and toppings. Some fab combinations include fudge and wafer pieces on milk chocolate; brownie, mini marshmallows and white choco crunch balls on caramel chocolate and pistachio praline and fudge pieces on milk chocolate. Pete’s doesn’t eat much chocolate but he’d love one made my me with his favourite toppings on.val


3) Frame Again

If you follow my social media feds than you’ll know I’m a tad obsessed with pictures. I think one of the most beautiful gifts you can give is a picture. A picture says a thousand words *cliche I know* and the emotions that certain pictures bring me are incredible!

With Frame Again you can upload images from your Instagram feed or camera roll and match them to a frame to suit the colourings. The frames magnetise together so you could make a cool collage of them or hang them on the wall; but I got this one for Pete to sit on his desk at work.frame

4) eFrame 

You’re getting the hint that I love pictures now and here is another fab framing company that do an array of frame shapes, sizes, detailing and colours. I tried out the frame with print and chose this gorgeous snap of Jaspy! The quality of the frame is amazing; it took around 10 days to arrive but it was totally worth it for the beautiful frame and of course, beautiful picture of my chubby cherub!frame2frame3

Do you and your partner do gifts for Valentines? If so are you a red roses and cheesy teddy kind of couple?

Thanks for reading,



  • TheLondonMum
    11th February 2015 at 9:54 am Reply

    Why didn’t I think to keep that book until he was 18? What a great idea. I might steal it back… His brain isn’t quite at functioning stage yet! He’ll know no different 😉 xx

    • Jessica
      12th February 2015 at 1:31 pm Reply

      Haha do it! He’ll have no idea! It’s such a lovely thoughtful gift 🙂 I may order one for Jaspy too, Pete will only read his once then throw it somewhere!

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