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My boys have and hopefully will always be outdoor boys. They love nothing more than being out in the wilderness (or garden) exploring and I love knowing that the fresh air will hopefully knock them out for a full night sleep!

Aside from kicking a ball about, running around and investigating bugs and other creepy crawlies, my boys love to cruise! I thought I’d share our top three cruisers, all of which I would highly recommend for a toddler – especially a toddler boy!

Range Rover – This is something that Rhys particularly loves! At almost 3 he’s just the right size to drive it but at just under 2 Jasper isn’t quite there yet. I feel completely safe with Rhys cruising around and Jasper being his passenger, I just have to yell for Rhys to stop and turn around when he’s picking up too much speed!

I can just about sit in it to drive it (not for much longer though with baby bump growing) but you can control it via remote control if your little one is desperate for a ride and can’t quite manage to drive it yet. The particular one we have is the Feber Range Rover Sport 12v in grey and then Pete ordered a personalised number plate from eBay which adds a little extra cuteness!


Toddle bike – This has to be my favourite. As a pre-balance bike for toddlers this is absolutely perfect to teach your little one the early stages of riding a bike. I’ve been saying for ages that rather than a bike with stabilisers I’d rather get Jasper and Rhys a balance bike as I’ve heard fab things about them and this is the step before it.

Both Jasper and Rhys love whizzing about on it, and Jasper’s recently mastered picking up speed and lifting his leg to zoom off. It’s so lightweight that Jasper can easily life it to change direction and we often take it on walks around country parks as well as letting Jasper zoom around the house on it!DSC09554 DSC09535 DSC09544


Smart trike – This we were lucky enough to have passed onto us from my nephew and niece to Rhys when he was old enough. It’s so far served very well onto child number 4 (Jaspy) and it’s in such fab condition it’ll certainly see our next baby through too!

What’s fab about this is it grows with your little one. Jasper is still at stage one, where I push him around like a lazy sausage and his little feet dangle while the peddles turn without him. I can control it by pushing it with the large handle but he can steer it with the handle bars, teaching him the basics of riding a bike (although he does just steer like crazy and if left alone would veer off into a field!).

The next stage will be him peddling, me still controlling the bike with the handle and then finally I’ll let go of my muma grip, take the handle off and he’ll have his very own trike. There’s also a detachable sun shade, cup holder, 5 point harness (boo to 5 point) and a casing to keep them in which if I remember correctly can be removed when they’re old enough.

IMG_1021 IMG_1022

The boys also have a scooter that they love riding around on but neither have quite mastered it yet and will always opt for the above three first!


What’s your little ones favourite cruiser?


Thanks for reading,

Jess x


  • RealGirlRamblings
    15th February 2016 at 9:37 pm Reply

    I love these pics Jess! We’e got a Smart Trike in the cupboard ready to go …. I’m looking forward to Noah being a little older so he can walk alone and enjoy the outdoors (but at the same time I never want him to grow up!) Charlie xx

    • Jessica
      17th February 2016 at 8:53 am Reply

      Ahh Charlie Noah will love it, Jasper use to fall asleep in it when he was really little and now he tries to steer like a mad man!

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