It’s getting hot in hurr – keeping baby cool

Aren’t we typical Brits!? We moan about the cold for 10 months of the year; long for holidays in the sun; and as soon as we have a heat wave (nothing compared to the heat we so love abroad) we start writing letters to MP’s to cool it down!

I’m no hypocrite, I’m the first to admit that this heat bothers me. I survived 50 degrees in Dubai because Dubai is built for the heat. There you have air-con; here you have a buzzing little fan that puffs warm air around the room while keeping you awake with it’s irritating drones!

Here we’re going about our day to day lives, not sunning it up and living a life of beaches and boat parties. Here we have babies, babies that find it hard to regulate their temperaure and even harder to understand why we can’t automatically cool them down!

I’m sure I’m not alone in this. I’ve seen many a mum commenting on how hot it is and how their little ones are struggling. Jasper is really feeling it bless him. This week he not only had his jabs but he’s also going through a developmental leap (thanks Wonder weeks) and is finding it really tough to settle.

He’s feeding every 2-3 hours (even throughout the night); he’s grazing, so only taking a few ounces at each feed; he’s irritable, sweat and much to my dismay – teething (but that’s not for now).

I’ve found a few tips to help bambino cool down that I hope you find useful!

Buggy Fan

We got one of these when we went on holiday to help him cool down when we were by the pool. I’ve found it great to keep by him while he snoozes on the sofa or in his cot to stop him from waking up from the heat.
Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 23.25.31Strip em down!

Jasper has been living in just his nappies. Theres a whole bunch of clothing that I’m sad to say he’ll never get a chance to wear as he’ll have grown out of them by the time it’s cool enough to wear them. BUT, that’s helped a lot – even just wearing a thin vest makes him sweat so just his nappy it is!photo-66

Cold compress 

Well not quite a compress, but a cooled down flannel or even a baby wipes helps to settle him when he’s feeling a bit warm. I just rub it on his belly and he goes from crying to cooing in seconds!

In the nudey

Jasper loves having his nappy off; especially when he’s getting too warm. Sometimes I’ll let him lay with it undone (with a muslin or changing matt under him) to help him get the air down there and cool off.

Iced milk

I don’t bother warming his bottles anymore, not in the day anyway. I found they were making him overheat if he was already a bit warm, so he just has his formula room temp or cooler now.


I didn’t really worry about finding shade before I had Jasper but now it’s my priority while we’re out. I not only worry about the heat but of course the UV rays. Whenever we’re outside we try to find a nice shaded spot for him to lay in and keep cool.

Tip top hat

This is a tricky one as hats do make Jaspers head sweat, but if we are out in the sun then I’d always prefer to pop a brimmed sunhat on him  that just relying on sunscreen.IMG_0125IMG_2648 1

Cold dip

Last but not least – bath time. Now I don’t give Jasper cold baths, I’m not that mean, but instead of making it nice and warm I let it cool a little. He’s been much happier with bath time in this weather since I started making them a bit cooler and he even stays in for longer.

If all else fails – just keep them covered so that no sun can reach them … it’s a great look right!? hahaIMG_2477 1

I’m sure most of these are pretty obvious but they’ve really helped me to try and make this weather as comfortable for Jaspy as possible. He’s still struggling, and I’m sure we’re going to have a long few weeks with his growth spurt but at least I have a list of things to try before I resort to popping him in the fridge!

How are you keeping your bambino cool this summer?

Thanks for reading! xx


  • Dianne
    29th July 2014 at 6:26 pm Reply

    The problem is also that he is just so darn cute that everyone wants to cuddle and kiss him…thus making the little treasure hot x

    • Jessica
      30th July 2014 at 7:58 am Reply

      he is extremely cute! It’s our cuddles that do it 🙂

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