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As Rabbit is due in t-minus 3 months I’ve come to the realisation that I don’t actually have much time left to get everything ready for him. I know you’re probably thinking ‘3 months is a long time you crazy loon!’ but for an organised list-maker like me, time is running out!

I’m not totally unprepared, I mean I’ve made a nice little collection of cute baby grows and hats; plus my mum and dad have given us our family restored swinging crib which I absolutely LOVE! Petes mum has crocheted some gorgeous blankets too which I’ll be posting about later; but when it comes to what Rabbit actually needs, I pretty much have nothing, zero, zilch!

So as an avid list-maker with a desire for things to be a little creative and unique I went on a search for a way to make a baby registry that was a bit different to the standard registry. I didn’t want to just make one from one single shop as I like to hunt around, and to be honest I have so many written lists at home to go through I don’t think Pete would have allowed me to put pen to paper for this! What I came back with twas the best baby registry ever –! is an amazing way to list all of the items that you want and need for bambino with just a few simple clicks. How it works is you install the browser button straight from the site (easy instructions provided) and whenever you find something that you like online you simply have to drag and drop the image onto your browser button! It’s that simple and it doesn’t matter what website you’re on, any item at all that you think you’d love for your bambino can be added to your list that easily.

It’s like a list makers dream right here!

The registry is then available at all times in your account, along with prices, sizes, colours and links to the online stores! You can add all the basics like pushchairs, nappies, cots and baby grows and then you can find all the quirky items like the DIY baby moccasins pattern or the very hungry caterpillar hand knitted cocoon (I’m melting at the thought).


I’m still working on it, but here is my very own Rabbit’s baby list. I’m constantly finding things that I like and now instead of having to note them down for later, or god forbid, try to remember them (definite baby brain sufferer here) I can simply add it to my list! Yay!

Go ahead list-makers, make your own today and don’t forget to check out the range of inspirational baby lists on there too! If your not expecting a bambino you could just make your own wish list, whether it be wedding, party, wardrobe, holiday or anything else, the possibilities are endless!

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