My pet hate is chipped nail polish. I’d rather be late ( which I often am) than go out with a less than perfect set of nails.

It doesn’t bother me on other people, not at all, it’s just on me I feel undone like when you wake up with last nights makeup on!

Anyway to avoid chipped nails I always use a home gelish kit by SensatioNail which on me last forever. I could go 3 weeks with no chips and I’d only need to redo them because of the re growth and them being too long.

Recently however I’ve seen a lot of people using the Barry M Gelly nail polishes and as pamper time is limited with a newborn I thought I’d give them a go!
The good
The colour range is fab, I’d been wanting a light coral and the Papaya shade is perfect for me plus the Grapefruit takes me out of my comfort zone as I don’t tend to go for pinks.

It was easy to apply, only took two layers and dried really quickly. I was left with a similar look to when I use my gel kit but in less than half the time!

The bad
I was really happy with the initial results but low and behold, within 2 days they’d chipped. Not only chipped by flaked too.

They also got those really annoying dents where something’s dug into the polish.

The ugly
I was left with pretty awful nails that as I didn’t have time to completely redo I ended up painting another couple of layers over and I’ve now ended up with nails that won’t dry completely and have fingerprints on them!

Overall they’re better than normal nail polish in that they lasted longer than a few hours, but I think I’ll still stick with my gel kit. It may be more time consuming but at least I know it’ll last me a lot longer!

What are you experiences with gel nail polishes?

Thanks for reading