Furzey Gardens

This weekend we headed out for another Autumnal walk. It’s funny that now the weather is colder I suddenly want to be outside all of the time as a pose to during the Summer when I could have quite easily melted on the sofa all day; but I guess it’s because I was heavily pregnant and just too uncomfortable for long walks. Now I love that I’m back to my pre-baby fitness; able to run around after Jasper and Rhys and really be involved again without having to constantly say ‘Muma can’t climb that tree she’s pregnant’, ‘Muma can’t spin you around she’s tired’ or ‘Muma can’t roll on the floor with you, her bump will get in the way’.

I feel like a Mum again and also a kid at the same time; I’m loving being able to race the boys; pick them up, spin them around and then fall into tickle hugs on the floor; and this cool weather is making it so much fun! Leaf stomping and long walks without getting sweaty or worrying about sun burn is like heaven to me and I love finding places where I can pop Jenson in a carrier and spend the afternoon exploring with my boys. dsc01543 dsc01544 dsc01545 dsc01548 dsc01549 dsc01550 dsc01551 dsc01567 dsc01571 dsc01574

As you can see the boys were balls of energy as soon as we woke up and as some lovely boy mama friends of mine put it; raising boys is like raising a pack of wolves, they need to run! We decided to get out and burn off some of that energy and I knew just the place – Furzey Gardens. I’d gone there during the week just me Jasper and Jenson and I knew Pete and Rhys would just love it. It’s situated in the New Forest; tucked away and not somewhere you’d simply stumble upon. It was recommended to me by a friend on Instagram and I think it’s my new favourite place!

Furzey Gardens is, as the name suggests, a huge garden which is maintained to perfection. It’s a mixture of Autumnal hues and splashes of the leftover flowers of Summer and it is truly stunning! It cost £8 per person and you get a little map to follow around but you certainly don’t need it; there are lots of mini trails you could spend all day exploring and what’s fun for the kids is there are over 30 fairy doors dotted around to find. It also has a beautiful lake, wooden huts and a fun wooden play area!
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Afterwards we sat outside of the quaint little cafe and had a spot of lunch which for me was homemade carrot cake and a hot chocolate! It felt so magical sitting outside, watching the steam of my hot drink mix with the crisp air and it really got me excited for the rest of Autumn – we’ll be spending many an Autumnal weekend there for sure!


Where do you like to go for beautiful walks?


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