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Do you know what I love more than crafting and blogging? Ok maybe not more than blogging, but it’s certainly almost on par … cooking! I really do love finding a new recipe to test out on Pete and especially loved cooking for my parents while we stayed with them during our move.

I love that Rhys has such an adventurous appetite. Sometimes you have to demonstrate eating something first so that he knows it’s okay, and yea sometimes he’ll try something that’s not edible but at the moment there is nothing he wont eat! I really hope that Jasper will be like that but from how our weaning journey (blog series to come) is going so far, he’s a tad bit of a fussy one!

One thing I always picture is me cooking with my children, getting creative and then all sitting down to eat together. I also envisage this all with me having a 1930’s housewife hair do and kitten heels so we’ll see how that goes! haha

Anyway, upon researching different cooking ideas with children on Pinterest I teamed up with Ben’s Beginners, a new cooking channel on Youtube.

According to their research 1 in 4 parents in the UK don’t cook with their kids and you know what, that doesn’t surprise me! The amount of takeaways and rushed dinner times, I’m actually surprised it’s not more. So many times kids meals are left in the microwave for them to eat in their rooms while watching T.V and even more often those meals were made in the microwave to start!

Ben’s Beginners created this brilliant social video which highlights the problem perfectly:

They also found that every child that does learn to cook, shares those skills with at least one other person and uses them 92% of the time! Now thats certainly a fab reason to cook with our kids right!?

So Ben’s Beginners is a youtube channel created by Uncle Ben’s with loads of beginners cooking recipes and tips. It’s hosted by DJ BBQ and includes kids to help him along the way making meals like Bangin Burritos and Cowboy Chilli! DJ BBQ’s videos are definitely more for the kiddos as I think I’d find the man a little too enthusiastic for me, but it’s definitely great for the little ones to follow!

There’s also a load of skills videos by celebrity masterchef and mum Lisa Faulkner who gives fab tips like making faces and heart shapes with food (ahem, didn’t your mother tell you not to play with your food!?). She also highlights the importance of making sure to involve your kiddies by letting them get messy (one to test my anxieties!). One tip that I love is sprinkling the food with love – like a magical cooking fairy!!

I really can’t wait for the boys to be old enough to help me in the kitchen. Rhys could probably help me with mixing and pouring (supervised … very supervised) but I’m not sure his attention span would last too long on it. It’ll be lovely when they can understand that what they’re eating is what they’ve made … a kind of finished product!


Definitely check out Ben’s Beginners if you’re looking to get creative in the kitchen with your kids. There are so many fab tips, recipes and skills to learn … it makes me hungry just typing this!


Do you cook with your kids? If so how do you keep it exciting and steer clear of boring meals?

Thanks for reading!

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