I just wanted to share a picture of the gorgeous selection of flowers I have been given today. Since moving home from Dubai, getting our first house together and announcing that we were having a baby pretty much all within the space of a week; me and Pete have been inundated by flowers!

It seems every time a vase becomes empty, a friend I haven’t seen for ages pops round like magic to congratulate us bearing more gorgeous blooms! It all died down after everyone realised us being back wasn’t as exciting as they thought, but today was like a mini flower-filled Christmas!

Mum was going on holiday for 2 weeks and had fresh flowers that would otherwise go to waste so she donated those to me (on the left) then I came home to the gorgeous pink lilies waiting for me on the kitchen table from Pete and finally my friend Samara popped round for tea this evening and brought me the purple beauties on the right!


Either I have the most amazing friends and family or I’m just friggin’ awesome … I’m going with both! Only problem was, I had run out of vases so I had to make do with my old paint brush cleaning pot and water jug! It works right?




  • Samara
    8th December 2013 at 10:01 am Reply

    Amazing friends and family I think xx

    • admin
      8th December 2013 at 2:52 pm Reply

      Definitely! Beautiful flowers from beautiful friends!

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