Feeling safe in your home – The Piper review

I’ve always been a bit of a scaredy cat. I’m a massive fan of scary movies and yet I watch them through the gaps in my fingers and end up sleeping with the hallway lights on and running up the stairs like a ninja with my back to the wall!

Feeling safe in my home is of the upmost importance to me. I live in a safe area, so safe that everyone comments on how safe it is but I still feel the need to check the doors before I go to bed. I still make sure to take everything I need throughout the night upstairs in one go, like Jaspers bottles, so that I don’t need to go down in the middle of the night.

We’re moving to a barn which although is set among a community of other barns, is still relatively in the sticks and this makes me feel a little nervous. We’ll be upstairs and Jasper and Rhys will either be on the ground floor or up a separate staircase to us (still not decided yet).

Now I have absolutely no reason to feel unsafe or scared or worried. None whatsoever, that’s just me. I’m a jumpy person. I make Pete wait for me before he goes to bed and I get really angry if he tries to scare me.

As Jasper has been in our room with us since he was born I’ve always felt at ease with him. With Rhys, we have a great monitor, I think it’s the Motorolla one, which allows us to hear him and see even his chest moving up and down as he breathes. Jasper will move out of our room *sob sob* when we move into the barn, and the monitor luckily has 2 camera’s so we’ll be able to keep an eye on both of the boys simultaneously, even if they’re in separate rooms.

What about the rest of the house though? I know I’m being pathetic but what if someone broke into the house? Would I really want to wait until I heard or saw someone on the monitor in the boys room before I knew we had an intruder?

Again, I know how safe our new barn will be but I can’t help it, I’m a worryer, I get it from my mum … thanks Mum!

So when Piper kindly offered to send me out a baby and home Security Monitor, it’s safe to say (get it) that I was slightly buzzing!

The Piper is a home security, monitoring and automation device invented by Russell Ure who has a passion for home innovation and intelligence. Not only can you monitor your home but you can control the lighting and appliances as well as get notifications of activity all on your phone – it’s pretty fab!

Here’s a breakdown:

Monitoring: The Piper has two-way audio so that you can interact with bambino if they get whingy in the middle of the night or even if your dog is at home alone and being a naughty pup! It also has a quad view which means that the field of vision is wide enough to see all four corners of a room at one time!

The Piper can record activity that you think’s important like a loud sound by a window, someone entering a room and your homes vitals such as temperature, ambience, humidity etc and send it to you wherever you are.

Automation: If you’re a bit of a lazy Susanne like me than you can turn on your lights and other appliances with a schedule, when the temperature or light changes or as part of a sensor when you enter a room. This is fab if you know your house gets cold and you want to turn the heating on ready for when you wake up or if you are a scaredy cat and want the lights on ready for when you get home!

The security aspect of the Piper is what I really love though. To be out and about or even in bed and know that if a door or window opens, the temperature drastically changes or there are noises around the home I can be sent a text, a call or even have a siren go off to notify me or my close circle of people who I trust.

This is a fab piece of kit and I love that you have a long-term security system with no monthly payments, third party involvement or ugly fixtures on the walls.


As a gadget lover, Pete’s really impressed and loves the iPhone compatibility. It’s also great to know that when he goes out to work or boxing, he can feel reassured with me and the boys at home.

The Piper costs £120 for the basic package and goes up for different features and additions like monitors and sensors.

You can find out more about it here at http://eu-store.getpiper.com/


Do you have a home security system?

If not, how do you make yourself feel safe in your home?

Thanks for reading xx

*I was sent The Piper to review and make me feel mega safe – all opinions are my own and honest.


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