Feeling Like A Million Dollars

We all have that something that sparks a little light in our lives even through the darkest times. Something to bring a smile to our faces, give us that boost of energy and confidence and make us feel on top of the world.

I was recently asked what makes me feel like a million dollars and without a doubt, no second of a thought the answer is my family.

Waking up with blurry eyes to little cries of ‘mama mama’ and going into Jaspers room to see his arms stretched out to me. Feeling his warm fuzzy bed head nuzzling into me as I squeeze him ever so tightly.

Collecting him from nursery after a stressful day where I’ve really missed him; and having him run towards me, dodging his friends and toys on the floor to give me a baby bear hug.

When his nursery send me updates of all the wonderful things he doing and the characteristics that show him to be such a caring, kind and wonderful boy.

Watching Japser and Rhys play together, learn from each other and shower each other with love.

My boys melt my heart and through all of life ups and downs, they’ll always make me feel lie a million dollars.

What makes you feel a million dollars? Is it family and friends? Work? Shopping? Slot sites? Food?


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