Feeding on the go for a busy Muma

If you’re a parent then you’ll know feeding on the go is not such a smooth task. Feeding anywhere can be darn right atrocious but when in public, away from your go-to kitchen basics it can be a tad stressful to say the least.

That’s why here at Lilypod and Sweetpea we’ve complied a list of our top feeding products for an on the go Muma!


Nuk Snack Pot – Equip with lid and detachable handles this handily little snack pot has silicone flaps to enable bambino to reach in and grab snacks without spilling the contents in the meantime – Perfect for travel and around the home.

Nuk ‘Stay put’ Feeding Bowl – This little feeding bowl sticks to any surface meaning meals out with bambino just became (slightly) less messy!

Oxo Tot Divided Feeding Bowl – Want to keep the sweets from the savouries? This fab little bowl has dividers to separate different food – although little one may have different ideas! It also has a lid for easy transport!

Oxo Tot Silicone Cover Feeding Spoons – These have the strength of a metal spoon with the comfort of a silicone one. The handle is nice and long ( I find some to be way too short!) and you don’t have to worry about bambino bopping themselves on their head with it!

Tesco Temperature Feeding Spoons – These were probably my best purchase… ever! They change colour if they get too hot. They also change back instantly when the food cools so you can be sure that the colour is an accurate representation of the foods temp.

Feeding Spoon Cover – Super handy for the germaphobe in the house! I know the state of my changing back, it’s lined with crumbs and all sorts so a clip on cover for the end of your spoon is perfect! It fits most baby spoons and came with one of my Nonaboxes!

Tommee Tippee Bottle Handles – I used these with Jaspy a few months ago; maybe a little too early and then I forgot all about them. That was until my recent Spring … or should I say Winter clean out when I found them and have had them in my bag ever since! They came as a two pack from Asda and simply slot onto the rim of your bottle before you put the teat on. Jaspy’s really trying to feed himself and it makes drinking on the go so so much easier!

John Lewis Feeding Apron – Jaspy is probably the messiest baby I’ve ever seen. I’m sorry if you thought your baby was … they’re not … Jaspy holds that title! He literally picks up food and chucks it on himself. He watches as he smooches it into his top … he’s a pickle, but at least with this long sleeved tie velcro fastened apron I can whip it off to reveal an (almost) clean top underneath!

My Feed Thermal Bottle Holder Jaspy isn’t too fussed about having his milk at a certain temp. In the Summer he had a preference for cooler milk so now he’s pretty easy going with it but he definitely drinks it a lot quicker and in one go when it’s on the warmer side. This handy contraption stored the boiled water in your bottle and the right amount of formula in an attachable lid. When you’re ready to feed bambino you silly press a button on the lid and it drops the formula into the water you then just need to add your own lid which can be stored in the flask lid and give it a shake!

These are just a few ways that I’ve made feeding Jaspy not he go easier whether it be formula, puree or solids. I’d love to know any little feeding hacks you’ve got for feeding on the go with your bambino!


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