Fall Family bucket list

Autumn is officially upon us; the season of crisp air, darker skies, crunchy leaves and layering up. This truly is my favourite of all the seasons and each year since becoming a mum it has become even more special. Layering up is fun but layering up a mini person in miniature cable knit sweaters and pom pom hats is even better. Making myself a hot chocolate is wonderful but snuggling up on the sofa with my mini man while he slurps up his babycinno is just magical.

The seasons fly by as a parent, as do the days, the years and the everyday moments; that’s why I’ve decided to create a bucket list for us; a little collection of Autumnal activities I want to share with my family before Winter hits and it’s time for a new bucket list. These kiddies grow so fast and what they may love this year, they may be ‘too cool’ for come next Autumn, so I’m determined to check these off my list and soak up the magic. Some are for the little ones, others for me and Pete and some just for myself … all equally as golden and Autumnal as the last.


Plant bulbs for Spring – not only is it a fun activity and a chance for the boys to play with mud but it’ll be lovely to teach them patience and the satisfaction of growing something themselves!

Go apple picking – this Summer we took the boys strawberry picking and they loved it so we’ll be seasonally picking from now on!

Collect pinecones – there are so many crafts you can do with pinecones like making bird feeders, hedgehogs or even table centrepieces.

Go on a scavenger hunt – conkers, pine cones, feathers, smooth stones, cool shaped fallen leaves – you could even plant some sweets and treats along the way for your little one to find!

Jump in a pile of leaves – the biggest, crunchiest one you can find! Oh and don’t forget to have your camera at the ready!

Fall baking – apple pie, pumpkin pie, homemade chilli – fill your boots!

Autumnal crafts – tree rubbing, vegetable printing leaf stamping! (click for more)

Cosy up your home – snuggly blankets, delicious candles and furry cushions to keep that cold outside!

Create a piece of home decor – Autumnal wreath, centerpieces, twig hanging or even a dreamcatcher!

Dig for worms and other creepy crawlies – make sure to be gentle and put them back

Go on a bear hunt – layer up and go hunting for bears – you may find a big one!

Go on a fairy hunt – don’t fancy coming across a grizzly? Loads of places do fairy walks now, it’s a fun day out a chance to get some fresh air and exercise!

Drink a fancy latte – well it’s not Autumn till you’ve had your first Pumpkin spiced latte!

Collect conkers – pop them in the corners of your rooms to keep the spiders away and even play the conker game (watch those fingers)

Toast marshmallows – delicious!

Jump in muddy puddles – who cares about the mess; wellies on Peppa Pig style!

Sit by the fire – when the kids are snoozing, snuggle up by the fire with a movie on

Go through a corn maze – photo opportunity!

Spruce up your wardrobe – bring out your Fall staples but treat yourself to something new; a cable knit scarf or maybe some Chelsea boots?

Autumnal photoshoot – kids sat amongst the fallen leaves, cosying up with your husband and a blanket or throwing leaves up in the air – capture those memories!

Have a bubble bath – bubbles in, candles lit – warm your toes in a steamy bath.

Go on a spiderweb hunt – take your little ones hunting for spiderwebs. Bend a twig into a circle to catch a web with dew on (it’s magic don’t you know?)

Light your candles – buy the most Autumnal inspired candles – Bath and Bodyworks Pumpkin Pecan Waffle anyone?

Carve a pumpkin – carve, paint, cover in glitter – go crazy! Pumpkins don’t have to just be scary, make them pretty, match your decor, make a display of beautiful gordes.

Get in the halloween spirit – Halloween is fast approaching, there are loads of fun crafts to make, things to bake and activities to do!

Start christmas shopping – oh yes, the countdown is on, be prepared and start now!

Learn to knit – and actually make something, even if it’s a misshapen scarf!

Build a bonfire – Oh how I wish I could bottle that smell!

Make a scent jar – fill a jar with Autumnal items like orange, cranberries, cinamon and then boil it on the stove to fill your home with the smell of Fall.

Make a thankful jar – ask everyone what they’re thankful for; write them down and pop them in the jar to read on Christmas Day – this is great for the soul!

Have a clear out – My Spring clean didn’t do the trick so I’ll be having a clear out and donating

and of course; saving the best till last … Go pumpkin picking!

What’s on your Fall bucket list?


Thanks for reading,

Jess x

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