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In my last post I mentioned that I have a new project that I’ve been working on and I really wanted to dedicate a new blog post just to telling you guys all about it! If you follow me on Instagram then you may have already seen that I’ve launched a brand new Instagram account and Youtube channel called “Everyday Amazing You’ and here’s a bit of background to it.

A while back I started to feel a bit disheartened with my space on the internet. I love blogging, vlogging and sharing my life with you all but a part of me just felt like I wanted to GIVE more to you guys; not just recommendations and stories but practical things you can take away to help in your daily lives. As the topics that I cover on here are so broad being that I talk about ‘parenting and lifestyle’ which accounts for so many areas of my life – fitness, travel, health, food etc; I really didn’t know which one I wanted to put more of a focus into so I took to Instagram to find out what people wanted to see.

I did an instastory using the ‘ask me anything’ feature where I asked if people had to describe me without using my instagram handle, what would they describe me as? There were a few answers for travel, fitness, food and parenting which I’d expected but what I did not expect at all was the resounding response for ‘positivity’. Now I’m a positive person, I love being happy and positive and I was getting messages or comments most days telling me that my positivity had helped in some form or another (even if it was simply that my daily vlog brought a smile to their stressful day) but I had never thought of it as something that people go to my feed/ blog/ youtube channel for.

As positivity is something that I find life changing and I implement it into every part of my day, it was a no brainer for me to push my focus into that and find my passion … which is where ‘Everyday Amazing You’ was born. I have lots of ideas for the future with it, including seasonal retreats, daily workshops and a guide book but for now I’m growing a space to help others to become the most amazing versions of themselves – the ‘everyday amazing you’. I want to highlight how everyday small steps are taking us all on a journey to being the best versions of ourselves, how appreciating the small everyday things can bring so much positivity and gratification and how we can all have a life that we want, love and need by not only making small steps to eliminate the things from our lives that we don’t want, love or need but to work on bringing the things that we do want, love and need into our lives!

I am still of course maintaining and growing my Jessica Avey platforms. That’ll always be my baby from what started as a pregnancy diary to my place in a community of wonderful people. I still upload on my Jessica Avey Youtube channel twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays at 7pm. I still post to @jessicaaveyuk Instagram feed daily as well as instastories but that will be focused on lifestyle – parenting, the boys, motherhood, days out, fitness, travel etc. I post on the Everyday Amazing You Youtube channel on Mondays and Thursday at 7pm and again post and story on the @everydayamazingyou instagram feed daily with a focus on positivity, minimalism, self care, happiness and mindfulness.

Blog wise I didn’t want to set up a second one; I think it would be great to feature both my parenting and lifestyle content as well as all things positivity on here so hopefully you’ll see a lot more content popping up on here over the next few weeks!

I ¬†really hope that you’ll all join me for the journey; it’s been so exciting putting my passions into something new and therefore being able to put my Jessica Avey platforms back to what they were initially intended for – to share our family life!

Thanks for reading guys, 

Jess x



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