Every Mum is Different – My Breastfeeding Story

Hello lovely people! As a Channel Mum sponsorship blogger I’m so excited to be taking part in their baby feeding campaign. Every mum is different and Channel Mum want to spread the word that there is no wrong feeding journey; whatever you choose to do to make you and your baby happy and comfortable is the right way to go.

To celebrate this wonderful muma movement we’re all sharing our feeding journeys, as well as describing them in one word … here is mine:channel mum

Yep that’s right, my journey from breastfeeding to formula was certainly a rollercoaster. High, low, emotional, amazing, sad, beautiful and everything else in-between. What’s your word?

Be sure to check out all of the wonderful feeding journey goings on via social media by using the hashtag #Bressure


Thanks for reading/ watching guys!


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