How to get energy during pregnancy

Energy and pregnancy just don’t seem to be words that mix naturally for me; especially as a mum of a very hectic toddler already! Yes I do go through boosts of energy at different stages of pregnancy but for the most part it can be a very tiring time, made slightly worse with added symptoms such as sickness, SPD and backache!

With my first pregnancy I didn’t feel half as tired, probably because i wasn’t running around after a toddler 24-7 (only Rhys a couple of days a week and oh my was he easy in comparison!); I also had a much lighter work load for my blog and youtube and our cottage was half the size of our home now so I just didn’t have as much to manage.

Well this time around I felt pretty exhausted in the beginning and if I hadn’t found these ‘energy savers’ I’m convinced I’d still be walking around like a zombie! I’ve managed to find some fab ways to keep my energy levels as high as they can be, and I really do notice the difference if I skip them. They’re only small things, not very time consuming or expensive but really really effective!

Now of course I do have to say that even though these work for m there’s no guarantee you’ll be zooming with energy (although I am pretty certain they’ll help! Every muma to be is different so if you do have any allergies or concerns please do check with your doctor before taking/doing these and just go with your instinct too.

1. Pregnancy supplements. I’ve been taking Pregnacare but there are so many own-brand ones that do the exact same job for a fraction of the price. I know Boots do a fab equivalent so that’s worth looking into! Pregnacare do a variety and the ones I have are Pregnacare Max which include Omega 3 capsules but you can browse the range to find which suits you best.

tip – regardless of actually feeling the benefit you know these supplements are doing nothing but good for you and bambini; however, I have found that if I take them just before bed I wake up so much more refreshed than if I take them in the morning. Perhaps they take a while to kick in, I’m not sure but what I do know is that if I don’t take them before bed, even with a 10 hour sleep (rare) I wake up so much more foggy and lethargic.

2. Feroglobin. I took this before I was pregnant as I felt like my energy levels had just gone and when I read that you simply increase the dosage from one spoonful twice daily to three times daily  if you’re pregnant and/or breastfeeding I was so pleased I could keeping using it. It comes in a liquid or tablet form; I use the liquid as it takes like orange and honey and is actually quite nice! It’s an iron formula that includes folate, reducing tiredness and fatigue!

3. Nutrimum pregnancy bars. I find that some mornings I can’t stomach a full breakfast (others I can wolf down 5 slices of toast in one go) and when I feel like this these bars are wonderful. They provide a fab alternative to pregnancy supplements, containing all of the key nutrients including folic acid, vitamin D, Iron, Iodine and Omega 3. It’s a fab option to pop in your bag to eat on the go especially if you’re not keen on taking tablets; but you could also take it along side your supplements for an added boost!

4. Keep active. I mean this both physically and mentally. The days where we stay in and get nothing done I feel so tired and end up not functioning properly from around 4pm. Every day I try to get out and about with Jasper for some fresh air, even if the weather is bad I try and take him to soft play, the shops or even for some puddle jumping! If you really can’t get out of the house then try some light yoga at home or plan lots of fun crafting activities with your little one to keep your body moving.

Mentally I try and tick through my to-do list of house chores and work and make time for some reading before bedtime, just to keep that mind ticking and stop me turning into a potato!

5. Sleep, sleep sleep! I know this is easier said than done and also quite an obvious one but if you don’t get enough sleep you won’t be able to muster up any energy. If you know that your other children will have you up early or even through the night then try and get to bed a little earlier if you can. If not try to nap in the day time, but restrict it to a set nap time, lounging about and drifting in handout of sleep will just make you feel sleepy all day.

Well those are my top tips for gaining energy during pregnancy, I find them really useful for keeping up my energy but would LOVE to hear more from you guys if you have any to add!

Thanks for reading,

Jess x


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