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This week I mentioned that I’d like to have a bit more of a beauty focus on Lilypod and Sweetpea. I’ve always been one to love a good pamper but since having Jasper my beauty routine has unsurprisingly gone out of the window!

My routine was never in depth, but I’d always like to be moisturised, have a little something on my lips to keep them smooth and maybe some colour on my cheeks.

Now with my current beauty focus and as I’m always raving about the powers of natural plant based products I was really excited when the lovely Kelly at Ellovi offered to send me some of their pure skincare products – perfect timing!


Ellovi are based on the firm belief that what we put on our skin goes more than skin deep and are therefor strongly committed to ensuring that all of their ingredients come straight from nature!

What I love about Ellovi is that they only use 6 simple ingredients. No preservatives, no parabens, no cheap fillers.

The first product that I was given the opportunity to try was the Ellovi Body Butter:


As I mentioned before there are only 6 plant based ingredients in the Butter which are non GMO-corn plus the 5 below:

20140504-105559.jpgThe Butter doesn’t even contain water which means that it is highly concentrated and doesn’t evaporate like many moisturisers do. It works from the inside out ensuring that even once you’ve washed the butter will still be working it’s magic deep in the layers of your skin!

At at a first glance the packaging looks very sleek. It’s durable and stylish and most importantly – simple like the ingredients.

The butter has a slight nutty scent which is enough to make you feel like you’ve been in a rainforest spa without being overpowering. I hate nothing more than scentless products or synthetic smelling products. They need to be natural and satisfying which this one is.

The Butter is firm in texture and when you apply it to your skin goes from a creamy feel to an almost oily texture. Now it’s not oily in the sense that it’s sticky or greasy, it’s in the sense that it melts on your skin … I guess like butter!

A little goes a long way so I’d make sure to only use a small amount to start or it can be a little tricky to rub in. I was a bit over adventurous to start with and ended up covering a lot more of my body than intended which certainly isn’t a bad thing, but if you are only planning on moisturising your hands then you don’t want to be left with too much excess.

It made my skin feel really smooth and supple. Jasper conveniently needed a nappy change after Muma had lovely clean and soft hands and I didn’t worry about the product rubbing off on him. In fact I gave his legs a little massage as they’ve been really dry and I knew the ingredients, especially the coconut oil would work wonders on his sensitive skin. Even after washing my hands they still felt smooth and soft so I know this product will last a long time!photo-5


Here are some of the key features of the Ellovi Butter:

  • It deeply hydrates the skin, preventing fine lines and wrinkles
  • It works not only as a moisturiser but as a make-up remover and sunscreen!
  • It’s non-comedogenic so it won’t block your pores!
  • It helps to improve the appearance of scars, eczema, cuts and burns.

The next product that I was given to review was the Ellovi Lip Butter.imageThe lip butter also contains only 6 natural plant based ingredients that are so pure you could eat it! The six ingredients are Hawaiian coconut, sunflower, hemp, macadamia, Ghanaian marula, and shea.

I’m someone who suffers from dry lips a lot. I usually use vaseline or apply a bit of jojoba oil but this worked really nicely. My lips felt really soft for a quite a while and there wasn’t any funny taste … in fact it tastes quite nice!

Overall I loved both products from the Ellovi range. For a lover of all things natural they are perfect for me and I can go about tickling and kissing Rabbit without worrying about him having a reaction to what I’ve got on.

The Body Butter retails at $26 and the Lip Butter at $5 which for a natural lover like me I think is really reasonable. You can find out more about Ellovi at www.ellovi.com and try them for yourselves.

Thanks for reading!


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