This might sound crazy, or it might sound completely normal to other mumas and mumas-to-be, but I’ve been having these sad feelings lately that I’ll have to share Rabbit with everyone once he’s here.

sharingI kind of got the same when Rabbit started kicking hard enough for other people to feel him. I’d gone so long with only me feeling his movements that it was kind of like ‘our thing’. Mine and Rabbit’s club that no one else was cool enough to be in! I’d almost secretly like it when I’d ask if whoever was touching my bump felt the kick and they would say no (what a bitch I am! haha) As soon as other people could feel it, it wasn’t our secret anymore; but I got over that one pretty quickly, I love it when other people can feel him now!

This time however, it’s hit me a little harder. Other people might feel a part of him kick and they might see him moving through my bump, (not in an X-ray vision kind of way, I just mean see my bump moving!) but they haven’t been carrying him this whole time and they haven’t had him to themselves. He’s always with me and it’s a weird thought that in less than 3 months other people will be carrying him and playing with him!

I know my only options are to either keep him in my belly forever so that none else can ever have him (ok I know that’s not even an option) or to just make the most of the time for now that he is just mine and look forward to being able to share him with everyone else once he’s here.

Anyway that’s my little panic over, I will learn to share but only to be a good influence to Rabbit … and only when he’s pooped or I need a sleep! haha

Have any of you guys had similar feelings about your little ones? Please tell me I’m not the loopy one!