Hey guys, so a couple of weeks ago I showed you a really quick and easy way to make DIY cupcake soaps with rose petals; and with my mums birthday coming up it’s now her turn to be subjected to my latest creation! mwahaha

The last handmade soaps that I made were for my sister in law who loves a bit of girly glitz so she got the pretty flowery soaps. My mum however loves things that are natural and ethereal so I decided to go with rosemary to scent my soaps and give them a natural look.

Here’s what I used:photo 1-13

  • Quakers oats – although any kind of oats would do!
  • Olive oil
  • Rosemary
  • 1 bar of soap

Now I’m in no way claiming that I make my soap from scratch, why would I when there is this simple and easy ‘cheat’ to doing it!

Simply cut up the bar of soap into smaller pieces, this makes it quicker to melt down and ensures that the consistency is even. Then pop it in a saucepan on a low heat and add some boiling water. As you know I don’t do measurements so just add enough to touch all of the soap, not too much and not too little – it’s just to help the soap to melt quicker and get a good consistency!

photo 2-14


Add in some oil, I poured it straight from the bottle but I’d say it was around 1-2 tablespoons! This helps to hold the soap together and keep your hands lovely and smooth when you use it!

Then pour in some oats, as much or as little as you’d like depending on how much of an exfoliant you want the soap to be! I used about 2 tablespoons worth.

Don’t forget to pop in some rosemary too! It’ll give the soap a lovely aroma and makes it look very earthy!

Then just pop it into a container, last time I used silicon cake moulds but this time I used a plastic cup.  I also added a couple of bits of rosemary on top for decoration …. pretty huh!?photo 3-13Then I left it out for a few hours, depending on the size of it depends on how long you’ll need to leave it, but to speed up the process once it’s cooled down pop it into the fridge!

Mine slipped out pretty easily, I just needed to use a knife to loosen the edges a tad. photo 4-9In keeping with the earthy theme I used some hessian to decorate it. My sister thinks it looks like potato salad – not sure if that’s a good thing or not haha

and ……wallah!photo 5-4


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