DIY moby wrap

When I found out that I was pregnant with my little Rabbit I decided that I wanted to make as much of what we’d need as possible.

One of the items successfully DIYed was his wrap. I’d been researching loads about different types of carriers and found that a moby wrap was most suited to my taste and needs. What was great was that it looked so simple to make and it really was!

Here’s what I needed:
*5 metres of 60 inch wide Jersey knit cotton
*Pinking shears

A moby wrap retails at around £20 and the material I bought cost me £20. Not much of a bargain I hear you say? Well it is when you consider that this amount of material made three wraps! That’s one for home, one to keep in the car and one for Grandma’s house! It also means that you get to chose the fabric that you want while having the satisfaction of creating your own carrier for you and bambino!

I went for a stripy material in black and white as I think it looks stylish and goes with most of my outfits!

Here’s how to do it:
Lay the material out flat on the floor (you’ll need a fair bit of space). Try to keep it flat as it can stretch and ruche quite easily.

It may be easier to have someone help you by working at the other end.

Each wrap will be 20 inches wide so measure along the width of the material using a tape measure and either lightly mark or pin it at 20 inches and then 40 inches.

Do this at both ends and then fold the wrap into three. I found I needed to double check the measurements along the length of the material to ensure it remained equal.

Using the pinking shears, cut along both folds to create three strips. Using pinking shears means that you won’t have any frayed material and it also hides any slight wonky lines from hand cutting!


Et voila! There you have it your 3 wraps made. Try to practise applying the wrap a few times before bambino arrives as it can take a couple of tries to feel confident in using it.






Doesn’t Jasper just look so snuggly in there! I’ve managed to use the DIY moby wrap a few times around the house while cooking and tidying up. He feels nice and snug which fills me with confidence and also makes him feel secure enough to snooze. The other day I had it on topless, and he even latched on while I was pottering around putting the washing away!

I’d love to hear what homemade items you’ve made for you and baby!

What kind of carrier do you use?

Thanks for reading! Xx


  • Catriona Stephen
    28th May 2014 at 7:19 am Reply

    This looks great! I love the pattern too. I’ve never used a baby carrier, although it would be very handy as he spends a lot of time in my arms xx

  • Jessica
    12th June 2014 at 11:51 am Reply

    Its fab for newborn age but I’m now looking for a more sturdy carrier as I do worry he’ll flop out of it sometimes. He’s such a wriggler too he can get out of anything lol

  • […] did try this with Jasper and it was fab for doing jobs around the house. I made my own moby wrap from a Youtube tutorial and I thought it was fab but because I didn’t use it from the start […]

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