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It’s not often that I hand over the reigns of my little blog to someone else. I’m a bit of a control freak when it comes to my content and what I share with you all especially as this is a personal blog but I’ve been wanting to test the waters and see if another voice could add a little depth and variety to Lilypod and Sweetpea. You all know (I hope) that I would never just post any old content; it would need to fit with not only my lifestyle and beliefs but also be something I think you guys would enjoy. Everything shared on here is normally 100% my thoughts so a guest post will always be read by and completely ‘a-okayed’ by me before being published and would have to be written by someone I think is a little bit special – so without further ado, here is a guest post by Charlene Randall, a proud mum and freelance writer with a keen eye for DIY:

Putting together a beautiful nursery is a priority for a lot of mums (and dads as well), but sometimes it’s easier said than done! There’s a lot that goes into making this kind of room a special place, and it probably won’t sound surprising to many parents to say that it can get pretty expensive. From basic room construction to furniture and decorations, there’s a lot that needs to be purchased and set up. Still, there are some things you can do on a budget that will help you move toward a stunning nursery that will do your baby proud!

I actually think a general spirit of creativity is the best asset for those looking to accomplish this feat. But specifically, I’d recommend a few different ideas for budget design.

Install Floating Shelves

Shelves may not seem to be the top priority when you imagine a nursery. However, it can be irresistibly cute to display some children’s books or even small toys on shelves around the walls. At the same time, a nursery is usually a smaller space, and putting in major shelving units can be cumbersome (and expensive, if you don’t already have the units on hand). A lovely collection of affordable nursery decorating ideas therefore pointed (multiple times) to the idea of floating shelves as a creative solution in a child’s room. These are usually affordable and easy to hang, and they don’t take up any more space than they need to.

Buy Accessories Online

This isn’t the most exciting or innovative tip, but it’s one that was put forth in another lineup of budget nursery design ideas, and it makes a great deal of sense. When you’re organising a special room for a new baby or young child, you’re likely going to be tempted by all kinds of fun accessories and ornaments: stuffed animals, cute pillows, hanging decorations, etc. These can all be wonderful touches, but they can also be overpriced! Now’s a great time to take advantage of internet sites that sometimes offer discounted or even second hand accessories. That may mean eBay, Amazon, or any number of other online shops.

Build Furniture At Home

It’s a little more ambitious, but if you can build your own furniture—a chair, desk, crib, or even some kind of headboard—you can save money and make something you’ll truly be proud of. This takes a little bit of woodworking savvy, but it’s something that can be managed with the proper tools and materials. Naturally you’ll need the basics—wood, sanding equipment, a saw, and paint—and a few more advanced tools can result in professional quality. Along those lines,

an impact driver can be invaluable for dealing with large screws, nuts and bolts piecing together the pieces of furniture. These are hand-held tools that still accomplish heavy-duty jobs, with various speeds and sustained torque that helps to drive screws and bolts into place with ease. The equipment costs money, but this is a job you can delight in doing, and the end results are usually cheaper than store-bought options.

Use Chalkboard Paint

This is a more specific idea, but it’s one that can have a beautiful lasting impact on a nursery. The idea is that chalkboard paint can go most anywhere and provide a space for unlimited creativity. It’s easy enough to paint on, and gives you a means of drawing fun designs or messages every day if you want to. And of course, as your child gets a little bit older, he or she can have fun drawing little colourful squiggles and eventually even words and pictures! This is a cheap but amusing idea that can lead to a lot of joy in the nursery.

Don’t Go Overboard

Finally and perhaps most importantly, I’d advise you to simply keep it simple! You want it to be a lovely and comfortable room, and you want some decorations and personal touches involved. But there’s not too much sense in overstuffing a nursery with furniture, decorations, and the like. A few cute touches here and there should do just fine, so long as the room is cosy and well lit. A minimalistic approach can be soothing to both you and your child, and naturally it keeps things more affordable as well!




I hope you enjoyed the little change up today; I certainly loved sharing my space with Charlene. If you’d like to read more from guest contributors or would like to write for Lilypod and Sweetpea yourself then please do let me know in the comments below, I’d love to have you!


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