Cow and Gate 5 Step Weaning

As part of our ambassador role, me and Jaspy have teamed up with Cow and Gate to test out their new 5 step weaning program.

I was really excited to give it a go as I honestly had no idea about weaning and certainly needed a bit of guidance!

The 5 step weaning program is fab; it’s absolutely free to sign up and not only gives you tips and advice on when baby is ready to start weaning, how to get started and when to move on to each stage; but it also gives your recipes, shopping lists and the chance to track your progress! It really couldn’t be simpler and has made weaning Jaspy so much simpler and less stressful!

So to make sure that Jaspy was ready I had to check the following – could he sit up and hold his neck up straight? Yes! Could he bring things to his mouth? Oh my goodness all the time! Lastly; could he swallow more food than he spits out? Yes – although my kitchen floor knows about it! Haha

So knowing that Jaspy was ready we started on Step 1 – First spoonfuls

This consists of giving your baby 10 different tastes such as baby rice milk and 9 different fruits and vegetables. The list includes apple, banana, broccoli, carrot, pear, cauliflower, parsnip, pea and sweet potato.

So far Jaspy has tried apple, pear, banana and sweet potato which he liked and carrot and broccoli which he didn’t like.

He’s since gone off the sweet potato and seems to just have a real sweet tooth for fruit! This is something I’m hoping to work on as I don’t want to just give him fruit (plus his nappies are pretty gross!)

Today I’m going to go shopping and pick up some pea, parsnip and cauliflower. I have a good feeling about the parsnip but I’m not holding out much hope for the others!

The program does support you and reassure you that trying the foods again after a few days will help baby to get use to them so I’ve not ruled out the ones that he doesn’t like; don’t worry Jaspy you will get your veggies!


Step 2 is Introducing breakfast

We’ve also started incorporating this one into Jaspy’s daily routine, it’s the only one that he will religiously have. Usually after his 5-7oz bottle in the morning he’ll have his baby rice milk which he loves and wolfs down! I also add in baby biscuits to give it a bit more flavor and sometimes a bit of fruit puree too!


Step 3 is Introducing variety

This is where we are at, at the moment. I’m trying to give Jaspy whatever different flavours I have in the home that are suitable to give him as much variety as possible. I’m also taking note that repetition is key so we are still giving him his original first tastes.

Lot’s of different colours and flavours and proving to be exciting yet challenging but we’re sticking to it! So far he’s tried strawberry, plum, grape, potato and butternut squash on top of his first tastes.

The plan recommends trying avocado, mango, melon, peach, spinach, swede and tomato so we’ll be buying those today too!


Step 4 to try is Introducing meat, fish and other sources of protein

I am going to wait to introduce these until Japsy has had more fruit and is a bit more accepting of veggies!

There are some fab recipes such as beef and tomato and fish and pea so I can’t wait to get creative!


Finally, step 5 is Establishing 3 meals a day

I do try to give Jaspy 3 meals already, but breakfast is the only one that is set in stone. I usually try to give him a meal after his lunch time bottle and after his evening bottle but he could take or leave those at the moment.

I’ve also been dabbling in baby led weaning; Jaspy has tried cheese, organic carrot sticks and Plum baby wafers. These are great for helping him to explore textures and develop dexterity but they end up on the floor so don’t really help in a nutritional sense just yet!

So that’s where we’re at so far. I’ll be recording our progress and even have a small clip below of Jaspy trying some of the Cow and Gate jars which I think he would have loved if he’d had a bit more of a variety before hand.

How is your weaning journey going?

Thanks for reading guys!


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